William True Stevenson’s Wife, Family, Age and Net Worth

William True Stevenson's Wife, Family, Age and Net Worth

Are you curious to learn more about Kirstie Alley’s family? William True Stevenson’s son and family? This blog post has all of the facts on William True Stevenson, including his Wikipedia page, family tree, age and net worth. Continue reading to gain an understanding of Kirstie Alley’s son and his remarkable life journey.

Williams True Stevenson, Kirstie Alley Son: Wikipedia, Family Tree and Age

After Kirstie, his mother’s death, people are searching for William True Stevenson’s wife.

William True Stevenson is a veteran fishing trip captain and guide based in Clearwater, Florida. His father Parker Stevenson is the ex-husband of Cheers actress Kirstie Ally; they had three children together.

Clifford William Alley’s grandfather inspired Clifford’s surname. The Toothless Actress in Art Of Men 2012 chose the name True for its combination of different numerical syllables within one word.

Quick profile Summary

  • Full Name: William True Stevenson.
  • Occupation: Guide and captain on fishing trips
  • Family History: Son of Parker Stevenson and Kirstie Alley
  • Wife: Sarah Parker
  • Children: Waylon Tripp (son), Rebel and Kit (daughters).
  • Previous Engagement: Lauren Sargeant
  • Adopted Sister: Lillie Price Stevenson
  • Education: Attended the Delphian School of Scientology.
  • Net Worth: $8,000,000
  • Religion: Church of Scientology
  • Notable Achievements: An impressive career as a captain and guide on fishing trips.
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Sarah Parker: William True Stevenson’s Wife?

Sarah Parker is William‘s wife. Their son Waylon Tripp Parker was born in June 2016, and shortly after Kirstie shared the news on Twitter about her grandson Waylon.

True Stevenson, now 71 years old, captioned a photo of her son Stevenson holding their then-newborn son with “Greetings Parker and Waylon Tripp” True and Sarah also have two daughters – Rebel (and Kit) respectively.

William was 17 when he got engaged to Lauren Sargeant; she had just graduated high school while William was 18 years old. It’s true that they had been dating for almost a year before they got engaged.

True’s mother Kirstie was still in school but his support system included his actress mother who spoke highly of him in interviews. In April 2010, Ellen DeGeneres interviewed True’s mom about their son’s marriage – True was 19 when Kirstie tied the knot; unfortunately, it didn’t work out and she tried again at 30 but it wasn’t quite the same.

William True Stevenson’s Family History

True’s adoptive parents were Kirstie Ally and Parker Stevenson. After nearly 14 years of marriage, the couple divorced in 1997.

Kirstie Stevenson’s adopted child isn’t the only one she shares with Stephen Stevenson, her former husband. Two years after Will was adopted by Summer School Actress, Lillie Price Stephenson joined them – Will’s sister Kirstie then followed suit and had a daughter called Lillie Price Stephenson born June 15, 1994. It is believed True attended Delphian School of Scientology like his sister Lillie did as well.

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William True Stevenson's Wife, Family, Age and Net Worth
William True Stevenson Family

At 800 acres in Sheridan, this property costs about $50,000 annually. Since April this year, William has been employed by Rebel Coast Charters – a business he began fishing as a child while growing up in Maine.

Other notable Delphian School graduates include Isabella, the daughter of Tom Cruise (Top Gun actor), and Paul Haggis (Crash director), Lauren.

William True Stevenson’s Net Worth

William True Stevenson’s net worth is estimated to be $800,000. His adventures began with just $300 and he earns an annual income of $400,000 from his job.

He may not have followed in their footsteps with regards to career choices, but he seems to be following what drives him most – his passion. That passion has allowed him to earn a comfortable living.

William True Stevenson and Lillie, their daughter, have joined the Church of Scientology following in the footsteps of their actress mother. The brother-sister duo made the decision to follow this faith after Nick Trela – Lillie’s fiancee – passed away.


William True Stevenson is a veteran fishing trip captain and guide from Clearwater Florida. He’s Kirstie Alley’s son and Parker Stevenson’s ex-husband; their family history is fascinating as well. Married to Sarah Parker with three kids together, William has an estimated net worth of $800,000. Not surprisingly, William enjoys fishing passionately! We hope this blog post has given you insight into William True Stevenson’s life as well as that of his family members.


Kirstie Alley adopted William True Stevenson’s younger sister, Lillie Price Stevenson. Born two years after William, it is believed she attended the same school as him. Both William and Lillie joined Scientology following in their mother’s footsteps.

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Who is William True Stevenson, you ask?

William True Stevenson, the son of Parker Stevenson’s ex-husband and Kirstie Alley, is William True Stevenson. He currently resides in Clearwater Florida as a veteran fishing trip captain and guide.

Who is William True Stevenson?

Sarah Parker is William True Stevenson’s spouse. They have been married for many years and share three children together.

What is William True Stevenson’s net worth?

William True Stevenson’s net worth has been estimated at approximately $800,000.

How many children has William True Stevenson had?

William True Stevenson is the proud father of three children: two daughters named Rebel, Kit, and Waylon Tripp.

Did William True Stevenson attend the Delphian School of Scientology with his mother?

Due to his sister Lillie being a student at the Delphian School of Scientology, it is likely that William True Stevenson attended as well.

What was William True Stevenson’s occupation?

William True Stevenson has been with Rebel Coast Charters since April as both a captain and guide on fishing trips.

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