Slice Of Sauce: Net Worth, Shark Tank Deal

Slice Of Sauce: Net Worth, Shark Tank Deal

Who is Slice Of Sauce?

Slice of Sauce is an excellent way to spice up your meals. Because they have the perfect combination of flavors, these condiments won’t disappoint you. Your mouth will be full of evenly-spaced flavor, and your hands will be clean. They can also be kept without refrigeration, so they are shelf-stable.

Company Name: Slice of Sauce

Founder: Cole and Emily Williams

Slice Of Sauce Net Worth


Slice Of Sauce: Net Worth, Shark Tank Deal

Slice of Sauce Founder

Emily and Cole Williams created a slice of sauce. Cole was an instructor and trainer; Emily was a clothes company worker at Oppenheimer. They currently oversee Slice of Sauce’s management.

Slice of Sauce Shark Tank Deal

Slice of Sauce is growing rapidly. Alex Rodriguez promised to give them $200,000 after the couple pitched their idea on Shark Tank. The company was exposed to more people than they expected. Due to insufficient production, sales were limited to pre-orders.

Slice of Sauce is not the only company that makes condiments. However, most of their competitors offer bottled condiments. Slice of Sauce is ideal for families with children who want to save time and have a quick snack.

Slice of Sauce Net Worth

The company was valued at $2 million during the pitch. After Alex’s investment, it was worth $1 million. Its net worth could have increased because it has been operating since then.

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Related Questions

Did slice of Sauce go out of business?

Slice Of Sauce has ceased to be in business. They have stopped accepting orders on their website and they have not posted any updates on social media.

What happen to slice of Sauce?

Slice of Sauce claims that Slice of Sauce will “come to your local grocery shop,” but that’s not what it actually says. The company’s Facebook page is now closedThe company stopped updating its Instagram account in September 2021. A-Rod and Shark Tank Blog claim that the deal wasn’t completed.


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