Romy Hero Johnson: The Bio & Family of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Daughter

Romy Hero Johnson: The Bio & Family of Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Daughter

This Blog post is about Romy Hero Johnson’s. She is the youngest child of Sam and Aaron Taylor Johnson. We will be discussing her family history, siblings, age and any other pertinent information you might need about this young star. We have everything you need to know about Romy, whether you’re a fan or curious about her parents. Continue reading to find out more.

Quick Facts About Romy Hero Johnson

  • Full name: Romy Hero johnson
  • As known as: Romy
  • Birthday: January 18, 2012
  • Age: 11 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Traits Positive: practical, self-reliant, and independent
  • Negative: distant, overly analytical, and sometimes highly emotionless.
  • Birthplace: Primrose Hill Home, London, UK
  • Currently residing: Primrose Hill Home, London, UK
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Aaron Taylor Johnson, Sam Taylor Johnson
  • Grandparents: Sarah Johnson, Robert Johnson, David Taylor, Geraldine Taylor,
  • Siblings: Angelica Johnson, Jessie Phoenix (half-sister), Wylda Rae Johnson (sister)
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Spouse: Not applicable
  • Children: None
  • Education: High School
  • Profession: Student
  • Net worth: Not applicable
  • Social media: None
  • Eyes color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde

Romy Hero Johnson Biography

Romy Hero Johnson was born at Primrose Hill Home in London on January 18, 2012. She is eleven years of age.

Romy was born under Capricorn. Capricorn women are practical, independent, and self-sufficient. However, they can also be distant, analytical and emotionally detached.

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Romy also has blue eyes and medium-blonde hair.

Romy’s mother’s maiden name is the same one as her father’s. Aaron wanted to break the mould, so he adopted Sam’s name as his wife. He said that he didn’t understand why women should take the man’s last name. She wanted me to be part of her as much I wanted to be part of her.”

Romy Hero Johnson Parent

Aaron Taylor Johnson (Father).

Aaron Perry Johnson was raised in High Wycombe (Buckinghamshire). He is an actor. Robert Johnson was his father and Sarah was his mother. Gemme is Aaron’s sister. Aaron’s film debut was in The Apocalypse as Raffaele Mertes. To name a few, he has appeared in The King’s Man and Tenet as well as A Million Little Pieces (Outlaw King), The Wall and Nocturnal Animals.

Romy Hero Johnson: The Bio & Family of Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Daughter
Romy Hero Johnson parents (Aaron and Sam Taylor Johnson)

He was best known for his role as Davie Lizewski in Kick-Ass. He is currently preparing for his films Bullet Train, Kraven the Hunter.

Aaron doesn’t like parties and prefers cooking for his family. He often collects eggs for breakfast. He enjoys walking his chickens and dogs.

Sam Taylor Johnson (Mother).

Sam Taylor Johnson, Romy’s mother is a well-known British photographer and filmmaker. Samantha Louise Taylor Johnson is her full title. She was born in Croydon (London) on March 4, 1967 to David and Geraldine.

When she was nine years old, her father left her mother. Her mother was a teacher, astrologist, yoga instructor and teacher who supported her family. Romy’s mother, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Gypsy were some of the most popular films.

Aaron and Sam are 23-years apart in age. However, several sources claim that Sam was 42 and Aaron was 19, respectively, when they met in 2009. Sam said that Aaron was ready to propose to the beauty right after they had finished filming. He declared his intention to marry Sam.

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Aaron and Sam had not been married when their first child was born. However, as soon as the news became public, the actor, 19, proposed to Sam in 2009. The couple were about to walk down that aisle when their second child was born. When they got married in Somerset, England, Sam was 45 and Aaron 22.

Aaron has the name of his wife and a hummingbird tattooed on his side. It was a gift for Sam’s 50th Birthday, and Sam had Aaron’s name tattooed on her collarbone.

Romy Hero Johnson Siblings:

Romy, the youngest of the family’s children, is blessed to have three older brothers and sisters. Her mother had two children from a previous marriage, and she also has a sister.

Wylda Rae (Sister)

Wylda Rae, Romy’s older sister, was born July 7, 2010. She is currently 13 years.

The Kick-Ass actor and Nowhere Boy director were both 20 years old when they announced their pregnancy. They named Wylda after Wylda, and shared their joy on Twitter.

Angelica Johnson (Half-Sister)

Jay and Sam were thrilled to have their first child, Angelica Johnson in June 1997.

Jessie Phoenix (Half-Sister)

Jessica Phoenix, their second child was born in November 2005. The couple split in spite of everything going well. The couple announced their split in September 2008, ending an 11-year-long relationship.

Romy Hero Johnson Career

Because she is a young girl, this young woman has no job. She is currently in school and would prefer an education over a career in the sector.

However, she will soon be an actor or director’s daughter in any TV series or movies.

Romy Hero Johnson Net Worth

This child doesn’t have a steady career and cannot earn money. Unfortunately, we don’t know her net worth. Her father is a multimillionaire and has made a fortune by having his daughter in movies and TV shows.

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Aaron Taylor will have a net worth totalling USD 16million by 2023. Sam Taylor, his wife, is also multi-millionaire.

Surprisingly her net worth is much higher than Aaron’s. Sam Taylor-net Johnson’s net worth is approximately USD 20 million by 2023. Their combined net worth is USD 36 million. It is clear that Johnsons enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Romy Hero Johnson Social Media

Romy Herman Johnson is still a young person and she is currently attending school. In fact, social media terms and conditions state that children must be at least 13 years old to use the platform.

Romy Hero Johnson has not been active on social media as she is far from that. However, her mother Sam Taylor Johnson is active on Instagram with 190k subscribers. Her Website is also owned by her.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Aaron Taylor-net Johnson is worth $16 million. This English actor has amassed a huge fortune.

He has been an actor in the glamour business for more than two decades. He has also appeared in and been part of numerous television and film projects.

His vast wealth seems to be completely justified. Aaron’s wife has amassed a substantial fortune.

Sam Taylor-Johnson has a net worth of $20 million. With such huge fortunes, the Taylor-Johnson couple can live comfortably.

We wish Aaron Taylor Johnson and his family a brighter future.


Romy Hero Johnson, a promising young celebrity has won the hearts of many. Her parents kept her private and away from the media, despite her being born to a prominent family.

We hope that this post will provide some insight into her family, siblings and age. Please feel free to leave any additional information or comments about Romy in the comment section below. We appreciate your time!


Who is Romy Hero Johnson?

Romy Hero Johnson, the youngest child of Sam Taylor-Johnson (both actors who have been successful in the entertainment business), and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

What is Romy’s birthday and age?

Romy is 11 years old, she was born January 18, 2012.

What’s Romy Hero Johnson’s nationality?

Romy Hero Johnson is an American citizen.

Who are Romy Hero Johnson Siblings?

Romy Hero Johnson is the younger sister to Wylda Rae Johnson, and Angelica Johnson. Jessie Phoenix is her half-sister.

Do Romy Hero Johnson use social media?

Romy Hero Johnson has no social media presence.

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