Meet Mike Garoppolo: Jimmy Garoppolo’s Brother, Family, Wife, and Net Worth

Meet Mike Garoppolo: Jimmy Garoppolo's Brother, Family, Wife, and Net Worth
Mike Garoppolo and Jimmy

Jimmy Garoppolo’s brother Mike Garoppolo has also made headlines recently and drawn much fan interest. In this article, we’ll look closer at Mike, and his family background, including age, siblings, wife, and net worth.

Mike Garoppolo Profile Summary, Wikipedia

Full Name:Mike Garoppolo
Age:36 years old (as of March 2023)
Date of Birth:March 20, 1987
Birthplace:     Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States
Nationality:    American
Education:     University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Eastern Illinois University (Degree in Kinesiology and Sports Studies)
Occupation:            Sales representative for a medical equipment company
Parents:Tony Garoppolo (father), Denise Garoppolo (mother),
Siblings:Jimmy Garoppolo (brother), Tony Garoppolo (brother), Billy Garoppolo (brother)
WifeNicole Garoppolo
Net Worth:Estimated $1 million
Charitable Work:            Supporter of Garoppolo’s Quarterbacking for Kids Foundation
Social Media: Not active on social media

Who is Mike Garoppolo?

Mike Garoppolo is Jimmy Garoppolo’s older brother. He was born on March 20, 1987, in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and attended Rolling Meadows High School, where he played football. Afterward, he attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where he continued to play football.

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Mike Garoppolo is currently a sales representative for a medical equipment company and is actively involved in his brother’s charitable foundation, Garoppolo’s Quarterbacking for Kids.

Mike Garoppolo Age

Mike Garoppolo was born on March 20, 1987, making him 36 years old as of March 2023.

Mike Garoppolo’s Wife

Mike Garoppolo is married to Nicole Garoppolo and has two children. Little information is known about Nicole, as she prefers to keep a low profile.

Meet Mike Garoppolo: Jimmy Garoppolo's Brother, Family, Wife, and Net Worth
Wife of Mike Garoppolo
Photo: Daniel
source: Google Images

The Garoppolo Family

The Garoppolo family hailed from Chicago, Illinois, and was founded by Italian immigrants. Jimmy and Mike Garoppolo were raised with their parents, Denise and Tony Garoppolo, in Arlington Heights, a nearby suburb.

Tony Garoppolo was a professional football player for the Chicago Owls of the Continental Football League. Afterward, he became a mechanic and owned his own business; Denise Garoppolo worked as an executive chef and owned her restaurant.

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In addition to Jimmy, Mike has two other brothers named Tony and Billy. Tony plays football and works as a quality control coach for the New York Giants, while Billy has chosen to pursue a career in law.

Meet Mike Garoppolo: Jimmy Garoppolo's Brother, Family, Wife, and Net Worth
Mike Garoppolo siblings; Tony, Jimmy, Mike, Billy
Photo: Daniel
Photo source: Printerest


Denise and Tony Garoppolo are Mike and Jimmy’s parents. Tony Garoppolo is of Italian descent and worked as an electrician; Denise Garoppolo holds Polish and Irish heritage and worked as a chef.

Net Worth

Mike Garoppolo’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million. While he may have achieved different fame than his younger brother, Mike has succeeded in his career.

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Mike Garoppolo graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a kinesiology and sports studies degree. Following graduation, he embarked on a career in medical equipment sales and has seen tremendous success.

Mike Garoppolo is well known for his professional accomplishments and supports charitable work. He supports his brother’s foundation, Garoppolo’s Quarterbacking for Kids, which assists needy children.


Jimmy Garoppolo may be the more well-known member of his family. Still, my older brother Mike Garoppolo has also succeeded as a sales representative for a medical equipment company. Mike has enjoyed great success in his professional endeavors and is actively involved with charitable work through his brother’s foundation.

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Mike Garoppolo is a dedicated family man, married with two children and from an established Chicagoland family. Estimates place his net worth around $1 million, yet his achievements and contributions to society go far beyond this material wealth.


Is Mike Garoppolo also a football player?

Mike Garoppolo was a standout football player throughout high school and college, yet he ultimately decided against pursuing a professional football career.

How did Mike Garoppolo become involved in his brother’s charity work?

Mike is passionate about helping children, so he decided to get involved with Garoppolo’s Quarterbacking for Kids – his brother’s charitable foundation.

What exactly does Mike Garoppolo’s job involve?

Mike Garoppolo is a sales representative for a medical equipment company.

Does Mike Garoppolo have any social media accounts?

No, Mike prefers to keep an offline presence.

What is the age difference between Jimmy and Mike Garoppolo?

Mike Garoppolo is four years older than his younger brother Jimmy Garoppolo.

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