Meet Alex Aniston (Jennifer Aniston’s sibling): Personal Life, Net Worth, Parents and More

Meet Alex Aniston (Jennifer Aniston's sibling): Personal Life, Net Worth, Parents and More

Welcome to Alex Aniston’s world, half-brother to American actress Jennifer Aniston. Alex is well-known for his unique nickname Aja Negitic and his love for different forms of art. We will be looking at his life and net worth in this article. Alex, despite his family’s strong connections to the entertainment industry has chosen a different route and made a name himself. Let’s dive deeper into the fascinating life of this charismatic personality.

Alex Aniston Wiki/Bio

Alex Aniston, half-brother to Jennifer Aniston, is well-known as an American actress. Alexander John Aniston is his real name, but he is most famous for his nickname Aja Nezitic.

Alex Aniston is an artist who has been involved in various creative projects. He is not interested in acting despite being part of an actor family.

We don’t know much about his education. It is unknown what college or school he attended.

Alex Aniston Height/ Age

He is 5′ 8″ tall and weighs in at 60 kg. He was born Tuesday, May 2, 1989 in Los Angeles (California, USA). Alex Aniston is 36 years old (as of 2023).

Alex Aniston Net Worth

He is not financially stable, so he does not have a source of income. He comes from a wealthy family and enjoys a lavish lifestyle. His net worth is $10 million.

His half-sister Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand has an estimated net worth $200 million. This is a result of her acting career.

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Alex Aniston Parents/ Wife

John Aniston, his father is an American actor of Greek descent and Sherry Rooney is his mother.

John, his father, was twice married. His second wife was Sherry, and he had previously been married to Nancy Dow. He has a daughter, Jennifer Aniston, from his first marriage.

Alex is half-brother to Jennifer Aniston, a half-sister to Alex and a half-brother to John T. Melick. Nancy was her previous husband.

Meet Alex Aniston (Jennifer Aniston's sibling): Personal Life, Net Worth, Parents and More
Alex Aniston parents

Aj Aniston has not yet been married but has been in relationships. He began dating Adriane Hallek in 2014. She is a makeup artist and a model. They have two children together, a son named Ryat who was born 7/12/2014 and Kira who was born in July 2016.

He broke up with his girlfriend for unknown reasons and began a romantic relationship in 2017 with Kiri Peita.

His children live with his mother. There are reports that he doesn’t visit them and doesn’t pay child support, but nothing has been confirmed.

His exact address is not known. He loves to travel and continues to move to new places.

Alex Aniston’s half-sister Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Joanna Aniston, an American actress, producer and businesswoman, is Jennifer Joanna Aniston. She was born in Los Angeles, California on 11 February 1969. Jennifer Aniston is 52 years old (as of February 2021).

In 1988, Mac and Me was her first film. She appeared in the 1993 movie Leprechaun.

Her character Rachel Green, a television sitcom Friends that ran from 1994 to 2004, was a huge hit.

She also appeared in many projects such as The Break-Up and Horrible Bosses. We’re the Millers. The Good Girl, Dumplin. The Morning Show.

She has won numerous awards for her exceptional acting abilities, including the Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Screen Actors Guild Critics Choice Movie Award.

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She is listed as one the highest-paid actresses in the world and has been on Forbes Top Earning Actresses List for 15 years.

When talking about her personal life, Tate Donovan was the actor she dated from 1995 to 1998. In 1998, she became romantically involved with Brad Pitt. They were married on 29 July 2000. The couple split on 7 January 2005, and the divorce was finalized 2 October. Angelina Jolie, with whom Brad became involved after his divorce, was the reason they separated.

She dated John Mayer from 2008 to 2009. In May 2011, she began a relationship, with Justin Theroux, an actor and director. They were engaged in August 2012, and they married on 5 August 2015. However, the couple separated at the end 2017.

She is currently single and happily living in her Bel Air neighbourhood home.

Quick profile summary of Alex Aniston

  • Name:  Alex Aniston
  • Date of Birth: 2 May 1989
  • Age: 32 years (as of 2021)
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: American
  • Hometown: Not Known
  • Net worth: $10 million US Dollars
  • School: Not Known
  • College: Not Known
  • Height: feet and inches- 5’8” centimeters- 177 cm
  • Weight: kilograms- 60 kg pounds- 132 lbs
  • Body Measurements: 39 – 28 – 37
  • Eye Color: Hazel Blue
  • Hair color: Black
  • Shoe size: Not Known
  • Father name: John Aniston
  • Mother name: Sherry Rooney
  • Brother: John T. Melick (half-brother)
  • Sister: Jennifer Aniston (half-sister)
  • Girlfriend: Adriane Hallek (ex-girlfriend) Kiri Peita
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Wife: N/A
  • Children: Ryat (son), Kira (daughter)


His professional life is not known. He is not from a family of actors and could not make it in this industry.

Sources claim that he tried different careers, including screenwriting, acting, and music. He was accused of failing to take care of his children, and not paying child support to his ex-girlfriend.

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He was fascinated by skulls and animals since childhood. Alex Aniston is currently involved in the sale of skulls from animals and travels to various places with his van.

Hobbies/ Favorite Things

  • Favorite Destination – London and England
  • Skiing and artistic swimming are my favorite sports
  • Hobbies: Traveling and collecting skulls from animals.


Although Alex Aniston is not as well-known as his half-sister Jennifer Aniston in the media, he still has many creative interests and pursuits. An artist, he has chosen a different career path than his family of actors. His education is not known but he lives a lavish lifestyle due to his $10 million net worth and wealthy family. Although he is in relationships and has two children, reports suggest that he doesn’t visit his children or pay child support. Alex Aniston is a mysterious figure who lives life to his own standards.


  • Alex Aniston is Alex’s daughter. John Aniston is an actor. He is most well-known for his role on the soap opera Days of Our Lives.
  • Loyola Marymount University awarded her a degree in media studies.
  • She co-founded Echo Films in 2015 with Kristin Hahn, a friend and business partner.
  • Alex is also active in philanthropic work. He has supported many organizations including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (St. Jude) and Make-A-Wish Foundation (Make-A-Wish Foundation).
  • She loves animals and has two dogs, Louie (her dog) and Dolly (her dog).


In which movies did Alex Aniston appear?

Alex Aniston appeared in many movies including “The Yellow Birds”, “Dumplin'” and “Mother’s Day.”

Is Alex Aniston related to Jeniffer Aniston?

Yes, Alex Aniston was the niece of Jennifer Aniston. John Aniston is Jennifer’s halfbrother.

What TV shows did Alex Aniston appear on?

Alex Aniston has been on many TV shows including “Gilmore Girls”, “Shameless”, and “Superstore.”

Is Alex Aniston a winner of any acting awards?

Alex Aniston is not yet a winner of any major acting awards, but she has been praised for her performances.

What is Alex Aniston’s production company called?

Alex Aniston and Kristin Hahn co-founded Echo Films, a production company in 2015.

Which charities does Alex Aniston support?

Alex Aniston has donated to many charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She is also a passionate animal lover, and has helped animal rescue groups.

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