Meet 5 Adorable girlfriends of wizkid   

Wizkid is one of Nigeria’s most popular artists thanks to his beats, great lyrics, and Music. It’s difficult to believe that he’s only in his 20s, making it hard to estimate the stardom he’s achieved in a very short time in his music career.

There is no doubt that someone of Wizkid’s caliber in Music will attract hundreds, thousands of women and wait to be called their own. Before I name anyone, I’d like to mention that Wizkid is among the most popular Nigerian celebrities on Instagram and Twitter.

To be honest, Wizkid and other musicians with millions of Hard Female fans will find it difficult to see someone who loves him for who he is and not what he has achieved so early in life.

Wizkid has always had ladies flocking to him. Here are the few Ladies that we know of who Wizkid has dated.

Wizkid is also known as StarBOY. He dates beautiful, well-endowed, and beautiful ladies.

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Disclaimer: We are not saying that these are the only girls Wizkid has dated. He may have dated other women which we don’t know about. These are the women that Wizkid decided to share with the world.

Sophie Rammal

Meet 5 Adorable girlfriends of wizkid   
Sophie Rammal

We can confirm that Wizkid started dating Sophie Rammal when he entered Limelight.

Here’s a quick biography about Sophie Rammal, in case you were wondering who she is.

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Sophie Rammal is a Lebanese citizen. As you can see from the photos, she is also a Lebanese beauty. Sophie Rammal was a teen songwriter from “Holla at your Boy.” Their relationship ended soon, and it appears they never got back together.

Sophie Rammal was seen in StarBoy CEO’s first music video, “Holla At Your Boy.”

Tania Omotayo

Meet 5 Adorable girlfriends of wizkid   

Tania Omotayo is Wizkid’s most popular girlfriend. Her relationship with Starboy was a huge topic because of his fame and her beauty/achievements.

I can confirm that Tania Omotayo was a Starboy mate a few years back. Their relationship is bittersweet because they were an off-and-on couple. This was not due to Social Media, where they were constantly under surveillance.

Despite a few social media dramas that caused their breakup, these two lovers struggled to keep their relationship private from the media. A representative of the Wizkid team said that Tanie broke up with Starboy because of the many girls surrounding him. However, both sides agreed to be friendly to one another. She kept their distance and missed many of his performances and events, which confirmed their split. Wizkid’s 25th birthday celebration in South Africa was one example.

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Hudda Monreo

Meet 5 Adorable girlfriends of wizkid   
Hudda Monreo

Wizkid was also known to have dated Hudda Monreo in the early 2010s

Hudda Monreo is a well-known actress who dates and courts controversy.

There was once a time when there were rumors that Wiizkid was having an affair with Hudda Monreo, a former contestant of Big Brother Africa.

She posted Cozy photos of the couple on Instagram, just like I mentioned about her love of controversies. Starboy Team had no words because the artist never confirmed or denied that she was in a relationship with Hudda Monreo, a beautiful and well-endowed woman.

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Who in their right mind would want to have a date/fling?

Tonto Dike

Meet 5 Adorable girlfriends of wizkid   
Tonto Dike

Rumors abound that Tonto Dike was Wizkid’s girlfriend.

This is another relationship in Wizkid’s life that he has never mentioned, denied, or confirmed.

Tonto Dikeh is a talented actress from Nollywood. According to some reports, Wizkid, a rising star, had an affair with Tonto Dikeh, a sultry actress.

When asked about her relationship with the musician, she replied that Wizkid was just a friend on Twitter and was not in a relationship. Wizkid did not directly address Tonto Dikeh’s relationship with him. Instead, he spoke in Parables and said: “I am single even though I have many girls around me.”

Fast forward to 2018, Tonto Dikeh is now a mother to her son King. However, she filed for divorce from her husband because of lying/wife beating.

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Chidinma Ekile

Meet 5 Adorable girlfriends of wizkid   
Chidinma Ekile

In all honesty, Chidinma Ekile, seems like the type of girl you would take home to meet your Mama. Rumors circulated that Wizkid had once dated Chidinma. This was confirmed by an interview in which the starboy admitted that he has a crush on Chidinma. He said, and I quote: “I have had a crush on Chidinma for a long time… She doesn’t know but it is true.”

If you think of Wizkid Caliber as a guy who can date any girl, it won’t be difficult for him to do so. However, there was no evidence that they were dating.

Flavour is the only man we can say Chidinma has dated. She didn’t hide her feelings for Flavour, as she posted his photos on her Instagram stories. Their love is complicated because she deletes his photos after a while and then adds it back.

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Favor is currently the father of two children from different women. These ladies share one thing in common. All of them are ex-most beautiful girls from Nigeria, which Chidinma isn’t.


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