Justin Tesa (London Kings Husband): Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Him

Justin Tesa (London Kings Husband): Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Him

Who is Justin Tesa?

Justin Tesa is the Step father to Tanner Elle Schneider also called Elle King, an actress and singer who has appeared in various films and released foot-tapping songs. King is the mother of famous actor and comedian Rob Schneider.

Many stars use their parents’ names to establish their place within the industry. Rob Schneider’s daughter, Elle King, chose to leave her father’s shadow and decided to make a career route on her own.

In addition, Elle King also acknowledged her stepfather Justin Tesa for instilling her desire to pursue the music industry.

Following her admission of her stepfather’s influence on her career, people were eager to learn what the person who was the inspiration for the gifted artist was. Here is a list of five things you need to know about Justin Tesa.

Justin Tesa (London Kings Husband): Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Him

Who is Justin Tesa Married To?

Justin Tesa is married to the former actress and model London King. The couple was married on the 21st of January 2000 and have been married for more than a decade. They met following her divorce from her former spouse, Rob Schneider.

London and her two kids, Elle King and Noah King moved to Ohio after her husband’s divorce. Then, she came across Justin and began dating him shortly after.

Although there isn’t much information regarding the guy who won London’s heart, a look at her Instagram showcases the affection they share for each other.

How Justin Tesa Helped Raise London King’s Children

When Justin and London met, Justin, helped her raise the children of London’s previous relationships. The couple lived together in Ohio and raised Elle King and Noah King in Ohio.

This is why the siblings have close ties and their stepfather. While her connection with her father was wonderful, she was not close to her father for quite a while.

The talented singer has acknowledged that she didn’t have a great relationship with her biological father, Rob Schneider; however, Elle has since reestablished her relationship with her father.

How he Inspired Elle King To Pursue A Career In Music

Being the child of a well-known model named London King and comic actor Rob Schneider, there was no doubt their daughter Elle would follow in their footsteps.

But she chose to forge her way and made go of it in the field of music. Surprisingly, her stepfather Justin Tesa inspired her, not her parents.

In an interview in 2015. Elle King revealed that her stepfather, Justin, is the principal reason for her becoming an accomplished musician.

Tesa was the one that introduced her to the world of music and made her become enthralled by it. He recognized her talents and nurtured them. He helped her throughout her beginning career.

On the occasion of one birthday tributes towards Justin, King revealed that she learned how to play her first tune with her stepfather.

This support has been consistent throughout her career, with Tesa providing new music for his stepdaughter to enjoy. The King’s fans are Justin on their side for introducing her to different kinds of music.


Actress and model London King’s partner, Justin Tesa, runs his own company located in New York. He runs the printing business for t-shirts called Crown Print NYC, which has grown in popularity throughout New York City. A lot of the designs are available on their Instagram page as well as their official website.

Alongside printed t-shirts, the company also makes props such as patches, foam hands, and other things. Additionally, the company made posters for the tour of Elle King and T-shirts, which could have earned them a lot of publicity. The items.

Justin Tesa Personal Life

Although Justin Tesa is surrounded by many well-known people in the entertainment world, He has chosen to remain out of the spotlight.

A large portion of his private life is hidden from the general public, and his wife and stepdaughter provide a few details about his life.

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