Jennifer Belle Saget: The Youngest Of Bob Saget Kids (Net Worth, Age)

Jennifer Belle Saget – A Celebrity Child

Jennifer Belle Saget is a media personality and public figure due to her father, Bob Saget. Her birth date was Nov 18, 1993, in New York, America.


On the other hand, Jennifer Saget has been seen numerous times with her father, Bob Saget, at red carpet events and other events.


Both parents, Bob Saget and Sherri Kramer took care of their daughters. Jennifer Belle Saget has two sisters: Aubrey Saget and Lara Melanie Saget.


Aubrey Saget, her first older sister, is a painter and art curator. She was born in 1982. In contrast, Lara Melanie Saget, her elder sister, was born in 1989. She is a yoga instructor with experience.


Jennifer Belle, like her sisters, is an avid art lover. She enjoys music. Her favorite subject is science.

Their family’s closeness is quite distinctive. As the youngest of the family, she received lots of affection and love.

She graduated high school from a private school in New York. Jennifer obtained her bachelor’s degree and completed her studies at New York University.


Because of this, Jennifer has had an outstanding education. As the youngest child, Jennifer is a renowned famous kid who is not only talented but also extremely skilled and well-known.


Jennifer Saget was growing up and was five years old when her parents divorced. Her handling of the divorce was so natural that it did not affect her.


In terms of more information about her work and plans, all of the family members of Bob Saget keep a low profile and stay far from the spotlight.

In the end, it’s hard to find any information on them.


Jennifer Belle Saget’s Net Worth

Jennifer Belle Saget’s wealth remains unidentified due to the absence of information regarding her sources of income and work. Due to her age, it is possible to think she’s working and expanding her professional career.

But her mother, Bob Saget, had made lots of money during his professional career. According to sources, his net worth is at least $100 million.


Jennifer Belle Saget’s Body Measurements

Jennifer Belle is extremely concerned about her appearance. She is in height at 5′ 8″ (1.70 meters) and weighs 136.2 pounds (162 kilograms) as per her appearance.

Other Family Members

Rosalyn and Benjamin Saget, her grandparents, are among her other relatives. Bob often took care of them.

Jennifer Belle Saget also had an aunt who was named Gay Saget. She passed away in 1994 at 44 years old from the disease known as systemic scleroderma at the age of Jennifer was just two years old.


It’s an autoimmune disorder with a skin-related effect and internal organs. The body’s immune system starts to fail during this disease, attacking the body’s tissues and organs.


Following the death of his sister, Bob Saget started his charitable endeavors and is recognized for his charitable work concentrating on scleroderma diseases and their treatment.


Her Father, Bob Saget, and His Marriages

Jennifer Belle Saget has the privilege of being the daughter of Bob Saget, who has been featured in numerous films, television shows, and stand-up comedy shows.


Saget spoke to People magazine in January 2016 about his daughters, telling the magazine, “They are the light of my existence. I have been blessed in the sense that my three daughters are amazing. They are extremely superior beings, extremely intelligent people, extremely beautiful and brilliant, extremely gorgeous.”


Bob is well-known for his role in the American comedy Raising Dad as a widower father of two teenage daughters. The show, unfortunately, was not received well and was canceled within a short time.


Bob is also well-known for his narration work on one of the most popular decade-long comedy shows, How I Met Your Mother, on the channel CBS Broadcasting, Inc.


Jennifer’s parents, Bob Saget and Sherri Kramer were in an ongoing marriage before they decided to tie the knot in 1983.


The couple was high school lovers when they were just 17 years old. They stayed together from 1982 until 1997.

The couple ultimately could not maintain their romance for more than 15 years before they split. Jennifer was just five years old at the time. Old at the when they split up.


After the separation, Saget was candid about his feelings and told Closer that he had never thought he’d ever be able to love again.

“I did not think I’d be in an affair again. I was stuck in the ‘just work, ensure that people are happy and look after your children until they’re 90 attitudes.”


In November of 2017, Saget revealed his proposal on Instagram by posting a humorous photo. Rizzo and Saget are handing in hands in the photo that also features two friends sitting behind the couple.

The post’s caption read: “In case you’re wondering, we were celebrating our engagement– and I know George and I will be very happy together.”


In 2008 Saget got married to his second bride Kelly Rizzo, with whom he was the sole guardian of his children. Rizzo is the host of Eat Travel Rock TV. They first met via Instagram.

She’s 23 years older than the actor. Rizzo enjoys 449K fans on her Instagram account, on which she posts her recipes, videos, and blog posts.


His kids were massive Rizzo admirers. He claimed when he spoke to Closer. “My daughters are huge fans of Rizzo! She’s an extraordinary person and is truly skilled. She’s got her site and a streaming series called “Eat Travel Rock.'”

Death of Her Father, Bob Saget

On Jan 9, 2022, Bob Saget was found unconscious in his bedroom around four p.m within the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Grande Lakes, near Williamsburg, Florida.

He was declared dead at the scene after ambulances arrived at the hotel’s room. He also had a positive COVID-19 test.


Saget passed away in his sleep at the age of 9 on Feb 9, 2022, following a head injury that was traumatic due to an accidental hit on the skull’s back, possibly as a result of an accident, as per his autopsy findings.

His family, including the widow Kelly Rizzo and three of his children, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer, were requesting to keep certain documents confidential due to their sorrow.

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