Jeffrey Sturgis: Net Worth, YouTube and Wife

Jeffrey Sturgis: Net Worth, YouTube and Wife

What is Jeff Sturgis’ job?

Founder/Habitat Designer Specialist. If you read my blogs or articles, you’ll also notice that I love sharing and delineating all I know. It has been a rewarding experience for me after many years of doing business this way.

Who’s Jeff Sturgis?

Jeff Sturgis, a QDMA Michigan Life Member, received the 2004 Al Brothers Deer Manager of The Year Award. Whitetail Habitat Solutions is his business. He consults, writes, and often speaks about deer habitat management. His first book, Whitetail Success by Design, was published in 2012.

Which weather app does Jeff Sturgis prefer?

Jeff Sturgis, Whitetail Habitat Solutions, has spent 30 years perfecting his whitetail algorithm. HuntWise has now joined forces to power HuntCast 2.0. This formula will transform your hunt.

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Why did Jeff Sturgis change to the first lite?

Why did I make the switch? This is one of my most exciting whitetail partnerships! 9 Apr 2020

What’s a plot start?

PlotStart spray provides instant calcium to soil and plants. PlotStart can also be used before or after planting on the tilled ground. You can also apply it to perennial plots, trees, and shrubs to give soil and plants an extra boost.

How much does Huntwise cost?

Basic features are free. You also get Pro access for 7 days. It costs $39.99 per year after that. You can use markers to mark the locations of your blinds and stands, animal beds, scat, rubs, scrapes, and mineral locations.

Where can white-tailed deer be found?

The white-tailed deer is a highly adaptable species that can thrive in many habitats. A mixture of hardwoods and croplands, as well as brushlands, and pasturelands, are the best habitats for white-tailed deer. They love a variety of habitats, including meadows and forested woodlots, as well as brushy areas, croplands, and scrublands.

BaseMap is free?

BaseMap has been with me for around a month. I began with the free version and then upgraded to Pro. Every week, I use a great tool to find out who owns the property or look up property lines.

Who is HuntWise’s owner?

Kalkomey has purchased Sportsman Tracker, a Grand Rapids-based business behind the HuntWise App, and it’s been sold to Kalkomey. Kalkomey is a national safety and outdoor recreation brand.

What brand is Steven Rinella wearing?

Steve Rinella wears First Lite and Kuiu clothing.5 Dec 2020

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First Lite has sponsored MeatEater for many years. Rinella regularly features the apparel on her Netflix series. Rinella said, “I have been a loyal First Lite customer for nearly a decade.” “First Lite was a sponsor for the MeatEater TV program from the beginning, and I have been loyal to them since then.

Does Steven Rinella own First Lite?

BOZEMAN, Mont., 18 June 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE). — MeatEater, Inc. today announced its expansion into direct-to-consumer retail through the acquisition of First Lite, hunting gear and technical apparel company. Rinella said, “I have been a First Lite customer for nearly a decade.”

What is the best fertilizer to use for food plots?

Use 13-13-13 fertilizer. This quick-release, general-purpose fertilizer has an equal amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. We recommend 300 pounds per acre.

What’s liquid lime?

Liquid lime is approximately 50% dry lime and half water. Liquid lime has some disadvantages. It is more expensive to haul water and can cause under-liming from the spread rate. Also, liquid lime reacts faster than dry lime, so it is often necessary to apply lime frequently.

Does plot start work?

PlotStart was very easy to use and helped me jump-start my seed growth. Just days after plating, I already had new growth coming up. PlotStart made it easy to access some of my food plots that are difficult to reach. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product.

Do you want to no-till buckwheat?

This is where the buckwheat shines. … “But buckwheat has the best ability to make good no-till bean plots. You can spread 50 pounds of buckwheat per acre with a hand spreader once you have 50 percent soil exposure.

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Do deer like top purple turnips?

The top purple turnip is a brassica plant that deer love and eat. The nutritious turnip can grow with the globe exposed, so that deer can easily access the whole plant in their food plots. Deer can easily eat the roots and plants, which are rich in nutrients and protein.

Will deer be able to move in the rain?

Even if it rains continuously for several days, deer will still be active throughout the day. These conditions shouldn’t discourage you. You can still see deer; they need to eat and interact (especially during the rut).

What is the best free hunting app?

Huntstand. Apple: yes. Android: yes. … ActInNature hunting. Apple: yes. Android: yes. … iHunt Hunting calls and Fishing Times. Apple: yes. … ScoutLook DeerLog. Apple: yes. Quiver Hunting Journal. Apple: yes. RealTree Archery Tip. Apple: yes.

Which Deer Hunting App Is The Best?

10 Best Deer Hunting Apps | HuntWise. Do you need a do all-new app?

  • Realtree 365
  • WeatherBug
  • AccuWeather
  • OnX Hunt
  • HuntStand
  • ScoutLook
  • Sunrise Sunset

What’s Whitetail Deer’s Favorite Food?

Pecans, hickory, and beechnuts acorns are all favorites. Some of their favorite fruits are persimmons, blueberries, blackberries, and apples. Sometimes, deer will enter yards to eat ornamental trees and vegetables.

How Many Years Will A Whitetail Deer Survive?

White-tailed deer typically live for 2 to 3 years. The wildlife expectancy is 20 years, but very few people live beyond 10 years.

Do You Hear A Deer Running?

We lose our ability to detect high-frequency sounds after a lifetime of noise exposure. The hunter can be prepared for any situation by hearing a doe or fawn walking quietly behind you or detecting the sound of a buck trotting in the rut.

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