Is David Muir Gay? Revealing the Truth About ABC news anchor’s Relationship

Is David Muir Gay? Revealing the Truth About ABC news anchor’s Relationship

Are you curious about David Muir’s personal life, particularly his romantic relationships? This blog post provides an in-depth look at the ABC news anchor’s personal life, including his alleged relationships and sexuality. While Muir keeps a tight lip when it comes to his private life, this post provides insights into his history of relationships and addresses some of the rumors and speculations about his sexuality.

Quick Profile summary Of David Muir

Full nameDavid Jason Muir
Date of birth8 November 1973
Age49 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthSyracuse, New York, United States
Current residenceSkaneateles Lake, New York, United States
Height in feet5’11”
Height in centimetres180
Weight in pounds168
Weight in kilograms76
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourDark brown
MotherPat Mills
FatherRonald Muir
Relationship statusSingle
ProfessionTelevision news anchor
Net worth$20 million
FacebookDavid Muir

Is David Muir gay? ABC news anchor’s relationship exposed

David Muir is a well-known journalist in the United States. He co-anchors ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. Regardless of his celebrity or talent, few aspects of the news anchor’s life have sparked as much interest and speculation as his sexuality. Is David Muir, for example, gay?

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David Muir is a successful journalist who has covered great political and human interest stories. Even so, little is known about his personal life. Although he is quite active on social media, his pages are filled with photos of himself at work, his family, and his dog. He tends to keep a tight lip when it comes to his romantic life.

Is David Muir gay?

The ABC anchor has been rumoured to be gay, but they remain just allegations as he has never confirmed them. He has been linked to multiple men that he has been seen with. The rumours started when he was allegedly spotted at gay bars multiple times, but David Muir’s sexuality remains a mystery.

History of David Muir’s relationships

In 2015, the celebrity journalist was rumored to be in a long-term relationship with his ABC News colleague, Gio Benitez. They spent a lot of time together and shared pictures on social media. Fans interpreted the photos differently and assumed they were in a relationship, especially since Gio is openly gay.

Despite their continued friendship, neither David nor Gio addressed the rumors of their romantic involvement. Gio, on the other hand, proposed to his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario, on September 17, 2015. The couple married in a small ceremony in Miami, Florida, putting an end to rumors that David and Gio were a couple.

Is David Muir Gay? Revealing the Truth About ABC news anchor’s Relationship

On 10th September of the same year, the former deputy editor of Jezebel, Kate Dries, declared that she was David Muir’s girlfriend. In an article titled Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a ‘Monster, she spoke lightly of their first date and courtship.

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She went on to add some of his photos from his Instagram page, claiming that she took them. However, they have not been linked to each other since the publication of the article. The news anchor has never confirmed nor refuted her claims, and Kate has not spoken about it again. As a result, fans assumed that they broke up or Kate was only joking about being David Muir’s girlfriend.

Who is David Muir dating now?

He was recently linked to a mystery man only known as Sean. According to reports, the mystery man is the founder and Managing Director of aussieBum, a swimwear brand. However, there is no proof of this alleged relationship or marriage, as there is with all of his other alleged relationships.

He is close to Kelly Ripa, an American actress and media personality. David frequently posts photos of them together, and his captions always emphasize how much they love and care for each other.

For some time, there was speculation that something more was going on between them. But Kelly has been married to actor Mark Consuelos since 1996. Kelly is not David Muir’s partner but they are just good friends and often hang out with each other’s families.

Does David Muir have children?

He does not have children, but Muir has very strong family ties. His Instagram is littered with pictures of his nieces and nephews, whom he refers to as his “squad”. David has an elder sister named Rebecca and two step-siblings. He has a close relationship with his mother, Pat, and lives with his dog Axel.

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In summary, David Muir is a renowned American television news anchor who has managed to keep his private life out of the limelight. However, rumors and speculations about his sexuality and romantic relationships continue to circulate. This blog post offers a comprehensive overview of his personal life, including his alleged relationships and sexuality.


  • David Muir is an animal lover and frequently shares pictures of his dog Axel on his social media pages.
  • Muir is known for his coverage of major events such as the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq War.
  • He has won multiple awards for his journalism, including Emmy Awards and Edward R. Murrow Awards.


Is David Muir gay?

While rumors and speculations about Muir’s sexuality continue to circulate, The news anchor has not spoken out publicly about his sexuality. Although he is widely known to be gay, David Muir’s personal life remains private, and there are no verifiable sources on this matter.

Is David Muir currently in a relationship?

Muir is not in a relationship with anyone. The ABC journalist has been romantically linked to a few people in the past, but he has not officially confirmed being with any of them.

Is David Muir married?

No, Muir is not currently married.

Who is David Muir’s partner?

There is no official information on who Muir’s partner is, and rumors linking him to a mystery man named Sean have not been confirmed.

Does David Muir have children?

No, the news anchor does not have children. He lives with his dog Axel and often spends time with his nephews and nieces

What is David Muir’s net worth?

As of 2022, David Muir’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

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