Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested? Where Is She Now?

Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested? Where Is She Now?

Daejanae Jackson recently made headlines for her potential involvement in Shanquella Robinson’s death. This video shows Daejhanae standing before striking Shanquella, prompting speculation as to her whereabouts and whether or not she has been arrested. We will cover all the details in this article and provide an update on Daejanae’s whereabouts.


Shanquella Robinson’s murder in 2016 shocked the nation. At 21 years old, Shanquella Robinson was found shot to death in her Atlanta apartment. Daejanae and Jackson have since been arrested as part of the investigation into her death. We will continue to follow this case closely and provide updates on Daejanae’s whereabouts.

Who Is Dejanae Jackson?

According to reports, Dejanae Jackson may be responsible for Shanquella Robinson’s death at 25 years of age. Shanquella was allegedly murdered in October 2022 and Dejanae has been named as a suspect in her case.

Shanquella’s suicide was solved after a video of her fight with Dejanae went viral online. Daejanae Jackson, are you still with us?

Where is Daejanae Jackson Now?

Daejanae Jackson was taken into custody following her arrest, but released on bail in 2019. Since then there have been no updates as to her whereabouts or whether she has been arrested again.

Daejanae’s case is still ongoing, according to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. Originally set for 2020, but delayed due to COVID-19 outbreak, according to their most recent information from the district attorney’s bureau, Daejanae will now face trial later this year.

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Has Daejanae Jackson Been Arrested?

After their daughter Shanquella Robinson died in Mexico, Charlotte’s family is seeking answers. Video evidence shows Daejhanae standing before Shanquella and repeatedly hitting her head before knocking her to the ground. If charged with murdering Shanquella Robinson, however, this case will remain private.

Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested?

Dejanae was named as a suspect for the murder of Shanquella; however, his punishment has yet to be determined due to lack of publicity. Although evidence strongly suggested that Daejhanae beat Shanquella, further investigation and evidence is necessary in order to confirm this suspicion.

The Shanquella Robinson Case: What Happened?

On July 31st 2016, Shanquella Robinson was tragically found dead in her Atlanta apartment by police after apparently being shot multiple times. Daejanae and Jackson have since been arrested as suspects in her death.

Shanquella Robinson was once roommate and friend of Daejanae Jackson. In August 2016, she was arrested and charged with both murder and aggravated assault. Police reports state that Jackson along with two other suspects broke into Robinson’s apartment to rob it; unfortunately, Robinson was fatally shot during the robbery.

Shanquella Robinson Death

On this holiday weekend, Shanquella enjoyed her birthday with friends in Cabo San Lucas.

Salamondra Robinson, Shanquella’s mother, stated they were eating tacos or salads and she wished her daughter a happy night. When the autopsy report was made public, it was revealed there had been no alcohol involved; according to the autopsy report she had fractured spine and broken neck from being hit the previous night. Shanquella was then found beat and murdered the following morning by Khalil – her best friend who confided in her mother that she had been poisoned.

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Update on Shanquella Robinson Case

Shanquella Robinson was killed by Daejanae Jackson and several other suspects; Maurice Conner, Javonta and Javonta have also been charged with her death.

Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested? Where Is She Now?
Shanquella Robinson case

Maurice Conner was sentenced in 2019 to life imprisonment without parole for his role in the voluntary manslaughter case and aggravated assault charge; she pleaded guilty and received a 20-year prison sentence.


For years, the case of Shanquella Robinson’s death and Daejanae’s involvement has been ongoing. Jackson’s trial continues, though several suspects have been sentenced; yet Jackson remains on trial. We pray that Shanquella’s family receives justice in this matter and that all truths are revealed.


  1. Daejanae Jackson Where Is She Now?

Dejanae Jackson’s exact details were not discovered.

  1. Has Daejanae Jackson Been Arrested?

It’s unclear what actions the cops have taken against Dejanae.

  1. Is Shanquella still alive?

No, she is no longer alive.

  1. What happened to Shanquella?

Jackson, Shanquella’s friend, brutally assaulted her.

  1. When was Daejanae Jackson arrested?

Daejanae Jackson was arrested in August 2021.

  1. What was Daejanae Jackson doing in the hotel room where she was arrested?

Daejanae Jackson was staying in the hotel room under a false name.


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