Ice Spice Age, Real Name and Net Worth: All You Need to Know

Ice Spice Age, Real Name and Net Worth: All You Need to Know

Are you curious to discover more about Ice Spice, an up-and-coming American musician and rapper? Look no further; this post has everything you need to know about her from her Bronx roots to her latest music video. Discover Ice’s true name, age and net worth as well as her inspiring journey towards fame in just one place!

Profile Summary for Ice Spice

  • Real Name: Isis Gaston
  • Occupation: Songstress and Rapper
  • Origin: from Borax New York City, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Age: 22
  • YouTube: Ice Spice (7.540 subscribers)
  • Instagram: @icespice (159,262 followers)
  • Spotify Monthly Listener Count: 9,326
  • Net Worth: Estimated at around $50,000.
  • Influences: Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Doja Cat and Lil Durk

Ice Spice Biography

Ice Spice is an American musician and rapper. She is one of the most promising young artists in New York and has gained a significant fan base. You can listen to songs by young musicians on SoundCloud, SoundCloud and Apple Music; Tory Lanez has highly praised her music, encouraging her to continue on this path.

On August 10th 2022, the musician released the music video for “Munch (Feeling’ U)” on World Star HipHop channel and YouTube. Since its release on that same day it has already been viewed over 7400 times and garnered over 3100 comments.

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This year, the young singer released four songs. Her most recent singles include “Name of Love”, “Be a Lady” and “Euphoric.” Two of her biggest hits were “No Clarity” in 2021 and “Bully Freestyle” the following year – both huge hits that continue to have incredible fan engagement with 9,326, her monthly Spotify listener count being incredible.

Ice Spice Real Name

Isis Gaston, better known by her stage name Ice Spice and born January 1, 2000 in The Bronx, is an American rapper better known by her stage name. In 2021 she started rapping and achieved international success with the 2022 hit single “Munch (Feeling U”)”.

Ice Spice was born in Borax, New York and holds dual citizenship with both the United States of America and Dominican Republic. She began performing as a DJ while still young enough to attend high school.

She created the stage name “Ice Spice” while still in high school, which she would later use for her music career. As yet, there has been no public revelation of who exactly she is.

Due to the high level of violence in her neighborhood, musician Riot was forced to spend her childhood indoors. With dreams of fame in mind, she became obsessed with YouTube and television in an effort to find fame. Though she had originally intended on becoming an actor, after trying out college volleyball for a year she decided it wasn’t for her; instead choosing cosmetics business. Riot’s friend and fellow Bronx native encouraged her to pursue music instead.

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Her father, an underground rapper, serves as another inspiration. He encourages her to stay true to herself and pursue a career in music; when she was growing up, he used to play guitar and sing to her. As such, growing up she felt encouraged to follow in his footsteps.

Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Cardi B are her main inspirations from famous people. Doja Cat, Lil Durk and Doja Cat are two artists she admires equally.

Ice Spice Age: How Old Is Ice Spice?

Ice Spice, commonly known by her stage name “Ice Spice,” is twenty-two years old and best known for her signature songs and singing style. Born in New York City in 2000, the young singer has gained notoriety for her unique songs and vocal abilities.

Ice Spice is the stage name of her YouTube channel, with over 7,540 subscribers. She previously uploaded three music videos online: “Euphoric,” Name of Love,” and “No Clarity.”

Ice Spice Age, Real Name and Net Worth: All You Need to Know

On November 6, 2021, the music video for “No Clarity,” the debut single by the artist, premiered on YouTube. Since then it has been viewed two hundred twelve thousand seven hundred eighty-seven times and received an overwhelming response from viewers.

Ice Spice Net Worth 2023

Ice Spice has an estimated worth of fifty thousand dollars. Although she is just starting out in music, she already has made remarkable progress and become one of the most popular artists within her field. A large number of Instagram users have expressed interest in her work, signaling a potential success for this young artist.

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You can find the artist on Instagram at @icespice, where they boast a total of 159 262 fans.


Ice Spice, a young musician and rapper, is making waves in the music industry. Her hits like “Munch (Feelin’ U”)” and “No Clarity” have gained her an enthusiastic following on platforms like Spotify and YouTube, confirming her position as one to watch in years ahead due to her unique style and dedication for music.


What is Ice Spice’s real title?

Ice Spice was born on January 1, 2000 as Isis Gaston.

Where Can I Purchase Ice Spice?

Ice Spice hails from the Bronx area of New York City, USA.

How old was Ice Spice when they released this single?

Ice Spice is currently 23 years old.

Which Ice Spice songs are your top favorites?

Ice Spice’s popular songs include “Munch (Feeling U),” “No Clarity,” and “Bully Freestyle.

How much will Ice Spice earn in 2023?

Ice Spice’s net worth has been estimated to be $500.000.

Where can fans find Ice Spice’s music?

Ice Spice’s music can be found on YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music and SoundCloud. She can also be followed on Instagram at @icespicee, where she boasts 159,262 fans.

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