How Much Does LeBron James Weigh?

When will lebron james retire?

One of the world’s most well-known and accomplished basketball players, LeBron James, is renowned for his enormous height and physique.

LeBron James’ weight is an often-asked question; thus, in this post, we will examine it to answer it.

Who Is LeBron James?

American professional basketball player LeBron James is regarded as one of the sport’s all-time greats. He has achieved a great deal throughout his career, including four NBA titles and four Most Valuable Player honors.

Many people frequently wonder how much LeBron weighs due to his enormous height and body.

LeBron James’ Physical Stats

Before going into this response, let’s first briefly look at a few of LeBron James’ other physical characteristics.


LeBron James is a well-known giant. According to statistics, LeBron is taller than average American men at 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 meters). Due to his edge on the court, he can see better than his rivals and make shots that would be challenging otherwise.


The wingspan of LeBron James is amazing. His arms are 7 feet 0.5 inches in length (2.15 meters). This extends his reach, enabling him to steal the ball or block shots.

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Body Fat

LeBron James is renowned for his muscular build, but he also has a body fat percentage that is remarkably low (reported at 4-5%, far lower than other male athletes).

Muscle Mass

LeBron James is renowned for having a significant amount of muscle.

LeBron has been compared to an “adult child” because of his broad shoulders, thick neck, and strong legs. His muscle mass is key to his strength and stamina on the court.

Weight of LeBron James

Let’s get to it and find out how much LeBron James weighs.

We know that LeBron is 5 feet 11 inches tall, but we are unsure of his actual weight.

Early Career

Early Years LeBron James weighed an average of about 240 pounds when he initially entered the NBA (109 kg). However, over time, his weight slowly climbed until it peaked in 2009–2010 at over 260 pounds (118 kg).

How Much Does LeBron James Weigh?


Currently, LeBron James weighs 250 pounds (113 kg). With nutritionists and personal trainers who helped him make the most of his diet and exercise regimen, he has maintained this weight for several years.

How Does He Keep His Weight?

LeBron James maintains his optimum weight and level of physical fitness by adhering to a strict diet and exercise regimen.

He reportedly consumes about 5,000 calories daily from nutritious foods like lean proteins, veggies, and complex carbohydrates. He also reportedly works out for several hours daily at the gym, practicing weightlifting, cardio, and basketball drills.

LeBron James’s Weight and how it affects his performance

Here are just a few ways that LeBron James’ weight has a huge impact on his ability to succeed on the court:

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Strength and stamina

LeBron James has an advantage over other players on the floor, can compete for rebounds, and can retain his stamina throughout a game thanks to his weight and muscle mass, which also help him be stronger and more durable.

In addition, his weight enables him to withstand any physical impact without losing his equilibrium or disorientation.

Agility and Quickness

Sadly, LeBron James’ weight may have unfavorable effects. It might impair his speed and agility on the court, making it more difficult for him to move swiftly or change directions in time, leaving defenders more exposed and limiting his ability to execute some moves.


LeBron James’ weight may make him more susceptible to accidents. Being an athlete stresses the muscles and joints; being overweight worsens this effect.

He has suffered from several illnesses tied to this aspect throughout his career, including ankle sprains and groin strains that may have been caused by weight.


How much does LeBron James weigh right now? His current estimated weight is 250 pounds (113 kg). LeBron’s weight significantly contributes to his success as a basketball player, so it must be maintained through diet and exercise to remain consistent and advantageous for his success as an NBA star. Although this may give him advantages on the court, its drawbacks may outweigh them.


Has LeBron James ever weighed this much?

No, during his career, LeBron James’ weight has changed. He fluctuated between 260 pounds and 240 pounds (109 kg) (118 kg).

Does LeBron James’ weight give him an advantage on the court?

Yes, his weight gives him advantages in strength and endurance, but it may also limit his speed and agility.

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How does LeBron James maintain his weight?

LeBron James follows a strict diet and exercise regimen to maintain his weight, consuming around 5,000 calories daily from healthy sources and spending several hours in the gym.

Has LeBron James ever been injured due to his weight?

LeBron James’ weight may have contributed to some of his injuries throughout his career, such as a strained groin and a sprained ankle.

How does LeBron James’ weight compare to other basketball players?

LeBron James’ weight is higher for basketball players, but it’s not unusual for players of his height and position.

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