Heather Helm (Matthew Lillard’s wife) Movies, Net worth, Age, Career, Family and Trivia

Heather Helm (Matthew Lillard's wife) Movies, Net worth, Age, Career, Family and Trivia

Heather Helm, the Hollywood actor’s wife, is a prominent Pasadena-based professional realtor. Known primarily as Matthew Lillard’s spouse, Heather Helm has achieved great success in real estate as an agent. This blog post details Heather Helm’s age, net worth, and career.

Quick Profile Summary Of Heather Helm

  • Name: Heather Helm
  • Date of Birth: 1971
  • Age: 52 years (as of 2023)
  • Birthplace: Pasadena, California, USA
  • Zodiac Sign: Not Known
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: American
  • Hometown: Not Known
  • Net worth: Not Known
  • School: La Canada high school
  • College: University of California Los Angeles
  • Height: feet and inches- 5’6”, centimeters- 171 cm
  • Weight: Not Known
  • Body Measurements: Not Known
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Shoe size: Not Known
  • Father name: Not Known
  • Mother name: Not Known
  • Brother: Not Known
  • Sister: Not Known
  • Boyfriend: Not Known
  • Marital status: Married
  • Husband: Matthew Lillard
  • Children: Addison Grace Lillard, Macey Lyn Lillard and Liam Lillard

Heather Helm Wiki/Bio

Heather Helm is a professional realtor, but she is more renowned for her role as celebrity spouse to Matthew Lillard. As an American actor, voice artist, director, and producer, she has achieved much success in this capacity.

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She graduated from La Canada High School in 1989 and went on to receive her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) the following year.

Heather Helm Height, weight, and age

Heather Helm is approximately 60 kg and 5.6″ tall and was born in 1971 in Pasadena, California, USA; however, her exact date of birth remains unknown. According to Heather Helm’s report from April 12th, 2023, she will be 52 years old.

Heather Helm Net Worth

Heather Helm is a highly successful realtor who partners with numerous prestigious real estate firms. Despite her success, the amount of her net worth remains unknown.

Matthew Lillard, Matthew’s husband, boasts a net worth of approximately $2 million, which he earned through his acting career.

Heather Helm: Children, Husband, and Family

Unfortunately, the identities of her parents and guardian angels remain unknown. Additionally, there is no information available regarding any siblings she may have had.

Heather Helm (Matthew Lillard's wife) Movies, Net worth, Age, Career, Family and Trivia
Heather Helm’s , Children and Family
Source: Gettyimage

Matthew Lillard and Heather Helm first met at an event in 1998, where they fell in love instantly and started dating shortly thereafter.

After two years of dating, the couple tied the knot. They are parents to three children.

On June 13th, 2002, Addison Grace Lillard became her first mother. Their second daughter, Macey Lyn Lillard, was born on October 19, 2004, and their son, Liam Lillard, followed two months later in April 2008.

At Pasadena, the family lives a contented life, and there have been no reports of disagreements.

Heather has been married to her husband for two decades, and there have been no reports of her cheating on him. Rumors swirled about Heather being a lesbian, but nothing definitive has been established; she remains straight.

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Heather Helm’s husband (Matthew Lillard).

Matthew Lillard was born on January 24, 1970, in Lansing, Michigan, and he will be 51 years old in 2021. As an actor, he has starred in multiple projects such as Scooby-Doo, SLC Punk, Summer Catch, Without a Paddle, Summer Catch, and American Dad, among others.

Heather Helm (Matthew Lillard's wife) Movies, Net worth, Age, Career, Family and Trivia
Heather Helm’s Husband (Matthew Lillard)

His acting career began in 1990. He is best remembered for his role as Shaggy in the 1996 horror film Scream, and he also appeared as Shaggy on Scooby-Doo’s 2002 film. Most recently, he appeared on the hit TV series Twin Peaks.

Reports indicate Matt Lillard had intimate relationships with several Hollywood actresses, including Christa Denton and Christine Taylor.


Heather is a professional realtor and not the celebrity’s spouse. At the Walt Disney Company, her role was Director of Special Events Marketing, where she managed blockbuster premieres and multi-million-dollar campaigns.

She became interested in design and real estate, so she joined Pasadena’s real estate agency in 2011. To this day, she is still working as a realtor and has handled high-end transactions up to $6 million.

Compass expressed their congratulations to Ted and her for being recognized as 2020 Real Estate All-Stars, featuring them in Los Angeles magazine.

She works with Ted Clark and Heather Lillard, real estate brokers in Southern California. Heather is not an actress, nor has she appeared in any movies.

Facts/ Trivia

  • Heather Helm, an American realtor, is more well-known than Matthew Lillard’s wife.
  • As a director of special events, she has worked for the Walt Disney Company.
  • She was responsible for overseeing various premiers and campaigns.
  • They had their first date at one of these events.
  • She stays busy on social media platforms like Instagram.
  • She is currently a Pasadena-based realtor.
  • Her husband, an actor, is renowned for his roles on The Replacements, Scooby-Doo Mystery, Samurai Daycare, and Criminal Minds.
  • She loves cooking, traveling, and taking vacations.
  • She often joins her husband at award ceremonies and other special events.
  • They have been married for over two decades and have three children together.
  • Matthew Lilard earned a weekly salary of $1600 for his work on The Descendants from 2011–2011.
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Heather Helm is a well-known real estate agent in Southern California. Heather Helm’s accomplishments and work have earned her recognition, despite the fact that Matthew Lillard’s success occasionally overshadows her career. She is happily married with three children and resides with her family in Pasadena. We hope you have gained some valuable insight into Heather Helm’s life through this blog post.


What is Heather Helm’s net worth?

Unfortunately, there is no precise figure available; however, her husband Matthew Lillard’s estimated wealth to be around $2 million.

What age is Heather Helm?

Born in 1971, this makes her 52 years old as of 2023.

What height has Heather Helm achieved?

Heather stands at 5 feet 6 inches.

What profession does Heather Helm hold?

Heather Helm is a professional realtor based in Pasadena, California, USA.

How did Heather Helm meet Matthew Lillard?

Heather Helm and Matthew Lillard first met during an event hosted by Heather while working as Director of Special Event Marketing for Walt Disney Company back in 1998.

How many children has Heather Helm?

Heather Helm and Matthew Lillard have three children together – Addison Grace Lillard, Macey Lyn Lillard, and Liam Lillard.

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