Giselle Weber: The Unknown Life of Charlie Weber’s Ex-Wife

Giselle Weber: The Unknown Life of Charlie Weber's Ex-Wife

Giselle Weber, an American lawyer, is best known as the former spouse to Charlie Weber – an actor and model. While her personal life remains private, her brief marriage with Charlie Weber and their subsequent divorce thrust her into public spotlight. This article will examine Giselle Weber’s career, net worth, relationship with her former spouse, as well as any connections she still has with them.

Quick Profile Summary

  • Name: Giselle Weber
  • Date of birth: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Child: Josephine (daughter)
  • Spouse: Charlie Weber (m. 2015–2016)
  • Profession: Attorney

Giselle Weber: Wikipedia Biography

Giselle Weber is the former wife of Charlie Weber, an American actor and model renowned for his roles on television. Charlie and Giselle wed in 2015 but divorced one year later for reasons best known to themselves. Giselle is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million dollars.

Giselle is an American citizen, yet her birthplace and any other information which might pose a concern to her or her family remains private.

Although she is currently a licensed attorney and has attended law school, no details were available about her educational background.

Giselle Weber’s Career

Giselle Weber, a professional lawyer, specializes in contracts and agreements, taxation, corporate structuring and incorporation. Based out of Santa Monica, California, she has held her attorney license for eight years and enjoyed great success throughout this time.

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Who was Giselle Weber’s former husband?

Giselle Bundchen made headlines in 2015 through her marriage to Charlie Weber (American actor and model), becoming widely publicized across all media outlets for their failed union.

Giselle Weber: The Unknown Life of Charlie Weber's Ex-Wife
Giselle Weber ex Husband

Learn About Charlie Weber with This Bio/Wiki

Charlie Weber was born September 19, 1978 in Jefferson City and served as a model for Abercrombie and Fitch 1998. According to reports, Charlie left college early to pursue acting.

Charlie first appeared as Frank Delfino on the hit TV series, “How to Get Away with Murder.”

At the time of this report, it was not known what his projected salary as a model would be. Nonetheless, he has amassed considerable wealth through his work in film; estimates place his net worth–including homes, cars and other valuables–at around $3million.

Charlie Weber and Giselle Weber: Relationship Status?

On April 21, 2015, Charlie and Giselle divorced. Sadly, Josephine is their stunning 10-year-old daughter.

Charlie fell in love again with Liza Weil, his co-star on “How To Get Away With Murder.” On April 25th 2017 they tied the knot in Cabo Santa Lucas, Mexico – though their union has yet to produce any children, they are contented with their lives together.

GiselleWeber’s Personal Life

Giselle Weber has not publicly declared her divorce to Charlie yet, though she maintains that she remains single and enjoying life as an attorney and single mother.

Giselle Weber’s Net Worth

Charlie and Giselle Weber had reached an agreement regarding their divorce, so she did not receive any alimony. As a successful and wealthy attorney, she has the resources to live the life she desires.

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Giselle Weber is estimated to have a net worth of $1million. According to BLS statistics, the average annual salary for a lawyer in America is $144,230.

Her earnings and private assets remain private.

Since her divorce, she has largely neglected her private life and focused on enjoying vacations with her daughter.

Giselle Bundchen’s body measurements and social media presence.

Giselle Weber keeps her body measurements private. While she is active on social media, her profile is low and nothing about her private life, aside from her marriage to Charlie Weber, has been publicly disclosed.


Giselle Weber’s story serves as a reminder that even those not in the spotlight can still be noticed through their connections to renowned figures. Despite her brief stint in the spotlight, Weber has managed to keep her private life private while pursuing an impressive legal career. Her impressive net worth of $1 million is testament to her hard work and dedication; even though details about her private life remain private, we get an insightful look into the life and times of an accomplished yet modest woman who has managed to remain in the public eye with grace.


  1. Giselle Weber Wikipedia entry.

Popularly, Mrs. Weber is known as Charlie Weber’s former wife. Unfortunately, their union was short lived as she divorced him within one year after their separation. Unfortunately, her date of birth and age are unknown at present.

  1. What Is Giselle Weber’s Profession?

She has been a practicing attorney for more than eight years, holding her attorney’s certificate with distinction.

  1. What is Giselle Weber’s age?
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Although her exact age is not yet known, we will endeavor to update this page as quickly as possible.

  1. Who is Giselle Weber’s Child?

Giselle Weber and Charlie Weber have a daughter named Josephine.

  1. Is Giselle Weber on Instagram?

Her Instagram handle remains unknown; after divorcing she disappeared from all social media platforms. It is possible she is using a different username on these sites.

  1. What is Giselle Weber’s Netflix Channel?

Charlie has made appearances on countless Netflix series and Hollywood films, while Giselle is not an actress but still remains linked to her former husband’s career.

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