Does Rihanna Have Siblings?

Does Rihanna Have Siblings

Global superstar Rihanna is renowned for her hit songs, distinctive fashion sense, and charitable work. Although she is well-known and prosperous, many people are still curious about her life. Frequently asked topics include if Rihanna has siblings. We’ll look into the response to this query and give insight into Rihanna’s family in this piece.


Rihanna was born on February 20, 1988, in Saint Michael, Barbados. Her father was a warehouse manager, and her mother was a retired accountant. Therefore, she was reared in a musically inclined family.

Early on, Rihanna became interested in music and started singing and performing in talent competitions at her school. She is one of the most successful musicians in the business, having won numerous Grammy awards and countless chart-topping hits to her credit.

Rihanna’s Childhood and Family Background

Rihanna grew up in a big family with her parents and several siblings. She had spoken publicly about her father’s addiction and domestic abuse difficulties because her parents divorced when she was little. Despite these difficulties, Rihanna has maintained a close relationship with her family and frequently emphasizes the value of their support in her life and work.

Rihanna’s Siblings

Do Rihanna’s siblings exist? Yes, it is the answer. Rihanna has five siblings from her mother’s side, while she has two from her father. Let’s examine each of them more closely.

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Rorrey Fenty

GQ, sometimes known as Rorrey Fenty, is Rihanna’s younger brother. He was born on November 2, 1989, and works as a DJ and rapper in the music business. Rorrey has frequently worked with his sister, including as the opening act for her “Loud” tour.

Rajad Fenty

Does Rihanna Have Siblings

The younger half-brother of Rihanna, Rajad Fenty, was conceived by her father and his ex-girlfriend. He was born in 1996, and on social media and at red-carpet events, he frequently appears with Rihanna.

Fenty, Jamie

The older brother of Rihanna, Jamie Fenty, was born on December 22, 1979. He is a graphic designer who has created the covers for his sister’s albums, notably “Good Girl Gone Bad.”

Kandy Fenty

Rihanna’s half-sister on her father’s side is Kandy Fenty. She tries to maintain a low profile. Thus nothing is known about her.

Samantha Fenty

The older half-sister of Rihanna, Samantha Fenty, was conceived by her father and his ex-girlfriend. She has two kids and has worked as a nurse.

Dolly Fenty

Rihanna’s paternal grandmother is Dolly Fenty. She was crucial to Rihanna’s upbringing and has always been a source of support for her.

Noel Fenty

Rihanna’s uncle and the younger brother of her father are Noel Fenty. In the music industry, he has worked as a producer and has frequently worked with Rihanna.

Rihanna’s relationship with her siblings

Despite their demanding schedules and widespread celebrity, Rihanna and her siblings are still close. They have been spotted attending events and concerts together, and she frequently posts pictures and videos of them on social media.

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In addition, Rihanna has made public comments regarding her connection with her siblings, claiming that they are a significant source of inspiration and support for her. She stated in a conversation with Elle magazine, “We’re all close, and I have a lot of brothers and sisters. They give me perspective and motivate me to do better.”

Rihanna’s siblings have all followed their passions and vocations, despite not achieving the same degree of fame and success as she has. Many of them have also worked with Rihanna on numerous projects, demonstrating their strong relationship with one another.


Therefore, it can be said that Rihanna does have siblings, five of whom are on her mother’s side and two on her father’s. Her siblings have been crucial in her life and profession, offering encouragement, inspiration, and opportunities for collaboration. Despite their divergent paths, they continue to be close as a family, which is evidence of the value of solid family ties.


Who are Rihanna’s siblings?

Rihanna has five siblings from her mother’s side, including Rorrey Fenty, Rajad Fenty, Jamie Fenty, Kandy Fenty, Samantha Fenty, and two from her father’s side, Dolly Fenty and Noel Fenty.

What do Rihanna’s siblings do?

Rihanna’s siblings have pursued various careers, including music, graphic design, nursing, and production.

Does Rihanna have a good relationship with her siblings?

Yes, Rihanna has spoken publicly about her close relationship with her siblings and the important role they play in her life and career.

Has Rihanna collaborated with her siblings on any projects?

Yes, Rihanna has collaborated with several of her siblings on various projects, including music and album artwork.

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Does Rihanna have a big family?

Yes, Rihanna comes from a large family, with several siblings and extended family members who have played important roles in her life.

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