Cool Wraps: What Happened To Cool Wraps

whats Cool Wraps about

Cool Wraps is just as cool as it sounds. Cool Wraps is an ideal gift wrap that’s extremely simple to use without messing. Cool Wraps can pack any shape, size, or irregular shape ideal to give to someone special on occasion. The recipient just has to place the present inside the wraps, blow it up, and it’s ready to be wrapped. Eliminating the need for scissors, gum, and tape.

Cool Wraps are cool since they speed up the process and offer the opportunity to everyone. If you require experienced packing gifts with Cool Wraps, just slide them in and blow.

When you blow the wrap, it’ll automatically develop wrinkled and look as if you’ve paid the retailer for packaging it in such a beautiful way. Cool Wraps are wrapped for display in retail stores for gifts and can be customized to specific stores.

They could generate massive revenue to expand further. Miller can also be found on the charity circuit to expand Cool Wraps.

What are the creators of Cool Wraps?

Jeffrey Miller is the founder of Cool Wraps. Miller created the product to help those unable to wrap presents and face difficulty with the process since it’s a mess with paper and scissors. Miller understands the struggles of those in that position, so he resolved the issue using Cool Wraps. Miller has also developed advertising for his product and appeared in the form of Cool Wraps on QVC.

Does Cool Wraps score an offer on Shark Tank?

Jeffrey Miller came on the show to solicit an initial investment of $100,000 for 40 percent equity in the business which translates to giving more than 1/3/3rd directly to the business.

Miller presented bags and gave examples of his gift wrap and other exclusive products. Robert Herjavec asked him about the gifts wrapped in advance, which led to Miller’s smile.

Jeffrey said that his business has existed on the market for ten years; however, his former partner isn’t willing to loan his property due to his inconsequential loans. Presently, Jeffrey is the only owner, but his abilities have hindered his growth.

Robert Herjavec said you’re not the salesperson,” and stated that there is no demand for the company,” and left. Lori Greiner saw potential in the product and the business and offered $150,000 for 100 percent ownership in the business.

Mark Cuban jumped into the discussion, offered $250,000 for a 3 percent royalty per unit, and demanded an immediate response. Miller agreed to Mark’s proposal and came to a compromise.

What happened to Cool Wraps after Shark Tank?

After the show, Cool Wraps successfully attracted customers to its website. However, many were dissatisfied at first due to the inaccessibility of their products online. Cool Wraps wasn’t available on the site or any other social selling platform. Mark Cuban investors had their task cut out for him. Mark bought a product that had a solid track record and then revamped the market.

Following The show’s end, the contract made in conjunction with Mark Cuban was never closed. In 2015, the business established itself on the internet and is now available for sale. Cool Wraps are a company idea that took a product that was discarded and transformed it into a profitable business marketplace.

During their pitch, they requested an estimate of $250,000. After the pitch, the agreement was agreed to at $250,000 with a 3% fee per unit. There’s no expansion of any other idea within the Cool Wraps. In February 2022, it appears it is the case Cool Wraps is not serving online. Cool Wraps is still in business but is now directly contacting distributors to offer products.

Competitors of Cool Wraps

There are a variety of ways to do the wrapping, but there’s no competitor that is identical to Cool Wraps.

How much is the worth of Cool Wraps?

The net worth estimated for Cool Wraps is approximately $185.2 K. Currently, it’s operating at a different level of operation, where its net worth appears to be increasing rapidly.

Are Cool Wraps operating?

Sure, Cool Wraps is still operating; however, there isn’t any availability of its products on its official site anymore. Cool Wraps is now going directly through distributors to market its products. Cool Wraps is still in operation and is expected to earn an annual income of $5 million.


Shrinking gift wrap technology

Founders: Jeffrey Miller



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