Clinton Anderson Net Worth, Biography, Career And Family

NET WORTH: $7 Million

Name: Clinton Anderson

Date of Birth: Born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Source of Income: Horse Trainer

Gender: Male

Nationality: Australian-American

Weight: N/A

Height: N/A

who is Clinton Anderson

He is an Australian-American veterinarian working in the industry of horse training. Apart from being an instructor and trainer, he also offers horse owners tips and advice about what to do to properly ride and appreciate horses.

Additionally, he’s an inspiration in introducing horse owners to the techniques used to educate their horses. In this piece, we’re going to discuss the beginning of his life, his work, his family, and the wealth of Clinton Anderson.

The program for horse training is called “Downunder Horsemanship.” Professionally his work is highlighted in numerous magazines. As a trainer and instructor, he holds clinics all over the nation and appears on TV shows on RFD-TV and on internet TV.

Clinton Anderson’s Net Worth

A world-renowned trainer of horses, Clinton earns his living by hosting his TV show, digital content, travel clinics, and social media. A horse trainer with more than 28 years of experience breeding and working with horses earn plenty doing what he enjoys.

If we look at this famous person’s income sources for a period, Clinton Anderson’s net worth is estimated at $7 million.

Clinton Anderson on his Horse

Early Life of Clinton Anderson

Clinton was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. His childhood years were lived in Cairns, a region known as the outback. His parents raised Clinton in the city. He went to visit his grandparents’ farm on weekends.

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Clinton’s mother would frequently lift her with her horse, Lee, during his visit. Later, he and his sister would walk in the field together.

The childhood sport has instilled in the young Clinton an admiration for horses and a passion for the sport.

He quit school at 15 because of his ardent interest in horse-related activities. It was hard for him to concentrate on his study. After leaving science and math (as polocrosse which he excelled in), He first went towards horse training.

Clinton Anderson’s Career Beginnings

About two years before leaving the high school system, a student enthusiastic horseman named Clinton attended a training session hosted by an experienced Australian professional, Gordon McKinlay. In the end, Clinton accepted McKinlay’s invitation to apprentice after two years of having left him at the age of 16 from his school.

In his time at McKinlay, Clinton learned many things. The lessons he was taught and the groundwork techniques he employed helped him train over 600 horses.

After Clinton had completed his training with McKinlay at 17 and was offered a position at Ian Francis, Francis won numerous National Cutting Horse Association Futurity and National Reining Horse Association Futurity championships. Under the guidance of Ian, Clinton learned everything he required to know about how to train the horse for a national event.

Downunder Horsemanship

Since he started the Downunder horsemanship course, his career has soared.

The program became famous worldwide in a short time. The main location of the program was Stephenville, Texas. This is why Clinton has gained a name as the world’s foremost expert in natural horsemanship.

It took Clinton just a few days to spread the word about his Downunder Horsemanship methods as he began to conduct classes nationwide!

He aims to assist owners in establishing an enduring, mutually respectful, and secure connection with their horses so that they can enjoy an extended and secure life with their horses. If you’re a skateboarder or snowboarder, you’ve probably seen or heard the name of Chris Cole, a famous skateboarder based in America.

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Brief Career Overview

The year 1996 was the time that Clinton Anderson moved from Australia to the United States. Clinton’s horsemanship classes started in 1997. The show was first introduced in 2001. The horseman was a participant in National Reining Competitions.

Clinton took part as a Road to the Horse colt, beginning a race at the beginning of 2003. The third Road to the Horse victory was against Van Hargis and Craig Cameron in 2005. 2011 was the last time Clinton returned to the track, but Chris Cox defeated him. For 2017, Clinton is expected to take on Chris Cox again.

Achievements of Clinton Anderson

After he trained Lan Francis, the famous trainer for horses, Clinton made his name known by taking his career to new heights.

Training Facility

Clinton’s new training facility was inaugurated at Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. In 1996, he was a teacher at the facility.

After the opportunity to observe and learn from famous American Quarter Horse Association World Champion Al Dunning.

Clinton returned to Australia to work with the mare Mindy in the National Reining Horse Association Futurity and received awards in the competition.

Online TV Streaming Site

Due to his professionalism, Clinton’s seminars became extremely popular, and he couldn’t instruct all the people at once. To allow more people to benefit from his teaching methods, it was necessary to make DVDs to teach his methods.

As the first trainer of horses on TV, Clinton produced a program for RFD-TV in 2001. The horse-related program was at the highest position on the RFD-TV channel.

Suppose Fox Sports Networks (FSN) was aware of the huge popularity of Clinton’s television show and wanted him to make an advertisement for them. The result was a 30-minute video of his training to the network. The video was seen by millions of viewers and gained many new fans and supporters.

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Clinton now offers a pay program dubbed The No Worries Club to those interested in his techniques. Membership in this club grants user’s exclusive education documents, DVDs, publications, and articles.

At the end of 2020, Clinton decided to move his whole business toward Northwest Arkansas (near Farmington). He aimed to train horses rather than humans. He decided to dedicate his time and energy to the training of horses.

Clinton Anderson Family

Clinton was the wife of Beth, according to certain sources. Many people believe Beth and Clinton divorced after Beth was aware that Clinton was involved in an affair with an apprentice of his.

There isn’t any evidence to support this.

There was a time when Clinton and Amy (Anderson) had a relationship and maybe were married. As a tour director, Amy handled all of his tasks as a couple.

The nature of Clinton’s relationship is unclear at the moment of writing. His children and his wife have been confirmed.

Final Words

Clinton Anderson owned property in Stephensville, TX. He divided the property of 250 acres into six distinct parcels and sold them for more than $4 million.

The ranch, which covers approximately eleven acres of Farmington, AR, is his latest acquisition. The facility is private and has a barn with 28 stalls and an entirely enclosed, insulated, and cooled arena.

There’s an obstacle course, along with cutting and a square pen.

The TV show made its fortunes due to its popularity. Clinton Anderson will have Approximately $7 million in net worth by 2022.

Related Questions


Does Clinton Anderson have a wife?

Yes Clinton Anderson is married to Amy Anderson.

Where is Clinton Anderson now?

Mr. Clinton Anderson is currently at Farmington, Arkansas. where his operating his Downunder Horsemanship.

How old is Clinton Anderson’s horse Mindy?

Clinton Anderson’s horse Mindy is 27 years old.

How much does Clinton Anderson charge?

Downunder Horsemanship Charges Tuition: $16,000. Application process: The course is open to only 15 horsemen on a first-come, first-served basis. To participate Visit Downunder Horsemanship website and download application form.


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