Christopher Mallick Net Worth: Biography, Career

Christopher Mallick Net Worth: Biography, Career

Chris Malick

Christopher Mallick, a California-based businessman who is also a movie producer, has a net worth of over $70 Million. His a business “middleman,” pioneered the online credit card and payment processing industry. Christopher Mallick, a member of the CEOs

Age, Biography, and Wiki

Birth Day: February 12, 1959

Birthplace: United States


Sign of the birth: Aquarius

Net Worth: $70 Million

Gender: Male

Net Worth: $70 Million 

Christopher Mallick Net Worth: Biography, Career

Who is the movie middlemen based on?

Based on his personal experiences, the 2009 Luke Wilson film “Middle Men” was made in 2009. The film was produced by Mallick, who spent $32 million. Mallick’s life in the adult business inspired much of the movie (about 80%, according to his words). Chris Mallick was CEO of Paycom in real life. This company acts as a liaison between online adult websites and banks. Mallick would go on to start his own payment company, “epassporte”. Chris Mallick claims he has processed over $7 billion of online transactions in his lifetime, of which only a few companies have a piece.

How true is the movie middleman?

The movie Middleman is 80% true, the remaining 20% are made up events with a bit of truth in them.

What is the movie Middle Men about?

In the movie Middleman, Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) is a legit businessman who after having difficult times meets Two internet profiters named Wayne Beering (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Gabriel Macht). His association with the two men lead to his involvement in some dirty business, but he kept convincing himself that his going to stay clean.

A middleman is a third party who is entrusted to hold items e.g goods or money during a exchange where both parties who want to trade don’t trust each other. A middleman should not be bias.


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