Christian Reis Net Worth: Age, Education & Family

Christian Reis Net Worth: Age and Family

What’s the Net Worth of Christian Reis?

Christian Reis who was a key player during Super Bowl XLIV. The Saints trailed the Indianapolis Colts 10-6 at the beginning of the second quarter. He has and estimated Net worth of $20 million.

Who’s Christian Reis?

The New Orleans Saints National Football League used Christian Reis as an American football safety.

Early Life

Christian Reis was born in the United States on September 19, 1983. His parents were poor, and he fled to Mozambique with his family to escape poverty.

Francisco Reis is the father name of Christian Reis.

Reis’ father was a Bible Society worker during his early years. Francisco sold Bibles around the world and gave them his testimony. His teenage sons were even recruited to help him in his ventures. Because of his faith in God, he survived to the end.


Christian Reis was a 2006 undrafted-free agent. For his college years, he attended Georgia Tech.

Reis graduated from Roswell High School and later played for the German football team Cologne Centurions. Reis was named to the NFL Europe All-World Team for 2007.


He was safety for the Cologne Centurions of the NFL Europe in 2007 and was named to the 2007 NFL Europe All-World Team.

Reis was a key player during Super Bowl XLIV. The Saints trailed the Indianapolis Colts 10-6 at the beginning of the second quarter. Saints head coach Sean Payton called upon Thomas Morstead, a rookie punter and expert on kickoffs, to kick an unexpected onside kick.

The Colts’ Hank Baskett kicked the ball off, prompting a fierce battle for the ball. Officials finally decided that the Saints had successfully retrieved the ball.

Jonathan Casillas was officially acknowledged for doing so. However, Casillas, as well as other Saints players, claimed that it was Reis. This play was crucial in the Saints’ victory by 31-17.

Reis is a professional football player who also appears in professional wrestling matches. His YouTube channel is very well-known. Reis was forced to be cut by the New Orleans Saints in 2011 after sustaining a neck injury.

Christian Reis Net Worth: Age and Family


Reis’s story is also moving. Francisco Reis’s father was a Nazarene from Maio. He fled poverty to Mozambique to escape it.

He worked for the Bible Society, selling Bibles wherever he went. His testimony moved them. He recruited his teenage sons to join him on this mission. He was strong enough for death to conquer, but he did not hesitate to share his faith.

What’s the Age of Christian Reis?

Christian Reis is 38 years old


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