Bishop Vance Oldes Net Worth: His Family, Career And Age

How Much Is Bishop Vance Oldes Net Worth?

In the final part of this post, you’ll find some interesting information regarding Bishop Vance Oldest, the founder of Liberty House Ministries. Also, you’ll find out about Bishop Vance Olde’s wife, her biography, profiles and birthdays, and her daughter.

Bishop Vance Oldes Biography

Bishop Oldes was born and raised in Washington within the District of Columbia. He received Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1975 when he was ten years old. Older.

When you decide to follow Jesus, you will be confronted with many difficulties and temptations. Many temptations occur regularly to challenge your beliefs and help you prepare for what you’re expected to accomplish. Even though he had accepted Christ as a kid, He was later trapped in a world filled with crime and drugs.

God ultimately spoke into his soul, and the process of turning around began. The Pastor began his ministry in 1994 and was ordained by the Baptist Church in 1998. He is also an accomplished singer and musician who worships and praises God with all his heart through his music ministry.

According to Bishop Vance’s bio, He was assigned “To bring freedom to those who are in prison and the unemployed by evangelizing the lifestyle,” declares Bishop Oldes of Liberty House Ministries. In addition, he offers a seeker-friendly service where the needs of people are addressed, and real freedom is available.”


Bishop Oldes founded an interdenominational communion on the 5th of May 2008, that is comprised of various ministries that he supervises and oversees the people he assists.

In May 2012, the student received the Bachelor of Theology degree from Washington Baptist Seminary. On the 9th of October 2019, the bishop was ordained as Bishop of the Lord’s church, under the direction of Temple of Praise International Fellowship of Churches Inc. President Prelate Bishop Glen A. Staples.

Bishop Oldest is a fiery and active teacher and preacher, as well as a natural leader with a captivating personality and a kind heart. While Bishop Oldes is a fan of singing and preaching, his main focus is to win souls for the kingdom of God. It’s normal for him to talk to an inexperienced person and start an exchange about the way of salvation. They then quickly agree to Christ.

He is back on the streets as God lifted him from the street, this time with the word of God. “Going Beyond the Bricks” is his mantra. Bishop Oldes is the loving father of a girl, Lundyne Oldes, and the proud spouse of lady Nicole Oldes.

How Much Is Vance Oldes Net Worth?

Bishop Vance Oldes, a native of Washington, DC, is a pastor, content creator, Tiktok Celebrity, and the founding Pastor for Liberty House Ministries. As per Bishop Vance’s latest salary update, the money he earns is earned through the mentoring process, speaking at events, church income, and the most important thing social media.

All of these factors have contributed to all of these factors contributed to Bishop Olde’s wealth growing. Bishop Olde’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million by 2022. Vance Oldes is a charismatic person with an unmeasurable talent, which he has utilized to build a career around his. He has more than 1.5 million Tiktok followers and 12.6 million views on YouTube, and thousands of followers.

Bishop Vance Oldes Biography

Real Name – Bishop Vance Oldes

Birthplace – Washington, D.C

Date Of Birth – On the 15th of September 1965

Vance Oldes Age – 55 years of age

Nationality – American

Zodiac Sign – Virgo

Bishop Vance Oldes Height – 5 feet 6 inches

Wife – Nicole Oldes

Daughter – Lundyne Oldes

Bishop Oldes Net Worth – $5,000,000

How Old Is Bishop Vance Oldes?

The Pastor who founded Liberty House Ministries, Bishop Vance Oldes, is age 56. Bishop Vance Oldes was born on the 15th of September 1965. His birthplace was in Washington, located in the United States.

Bishop Oldes Age – 55 years

Bishop Vance Oldes Wikipedia

Concerning the Bishop Vance Oldes Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is famous for its comprehensive description of people. It is a website that provides detailed details about someone’s life, jobs, relationships, career, and even education. There is no bishop Vance Oldes Wikipedia page currently.

We will inform you when Vance Oldes’ Wikipedia page is up. Bishop Vance Oldes is a public person who works to improve our society, and we’re sure he’ll someday be included on Wikipedia.

Bishop Vance Oldes Family And Wife

Vance Oldes, the founder and the Pastor in charge at Liberty House Ministries, married his beautiful bride Nicole Oldes on the 25th of June 2005. Bishop Vance Oldes is now the proud wife of Nicole Reid Oldes and the proud father of a girl, Lundyne Oldes.

Who Is Bishop Vance Oldes Wife?

If you’re wondering whether Vance Oldes is married, He has been happily married to his gorgeous wife and has a gorgeous daughter. Nicole Oldes is Bishop Vance Oldes’s wife.

Mrs. Nicole Oldes, Vance Oldes, the lovely wife of Vance Oldes, is birthed in Washington D.C., United States. She is the present first lady for the Liberty House Ministry in Landover, Maryland.

Nicole Oldes’s bio mentions that she’s worked as a nurse for the past twenty years. She has been a significant source of inspiration for her husband’s Bishop Vance Olde’s achievement. Nicole Oldes has been able to use her talents in various ways. She currently sits as a director on the board for the Liberty House Bed Space Fund, which was created in 2006 by her husband, Bishop Vance Oldest.

How Old Is Bishop Vance Oldes Wife?

Nicole Reid Oldes, the Liberty House Ministries First Lady, was born on the 9th of June in 1966. The first lady of Liberty House Ministries, Mrs. Nicole Oldes, is a 56-year-old woman.

Nicole Reid Oldes Biography

Real NameNicole Reid Oldes

BirthplaceWashington D.C

Bishop Vance Oldes Wife Age – 56

Nicole Oldes birthday9th of June, 1966

Nicole Oldes Net WorthN/A

Nicole Oldes WikipediaN/A



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