Biography of Bidemi Kosoko: Her Age, Family, and Movies

Biography of Bidemi Kosoko: Her Age, Family, and Movies

Bidemi Kosoko is a name you must have heard of. She is the daughter and veteran actor Prince Jide Kosoko. Bidemi Kosoko comes from a long line of talented people.

Let me first tell you about this beautiful Yoruba actress who is slowly but surely making a name for herself in Nigeria.

Who Is Bidemi Kosoko?

Bidemi Kosoko, a Nollywood actress, is well-known in Nigeria and Yoruba for her movies. She was born on October 21, 1988. her appearance in “Alakada Reloaded” was a huge success thanks to her talent.

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Bidemi Kosoko Biography

  • Bidemi Kosoko was born on October 21, 1988.
  • The talented, beautiful, and intelligent Actress was raised in a large family of Talented Actors.
  • Her father is well-known in Nigeria, his a legend in both the Yoruba and Nollywood industries. His name is Jide Kosoko.
  • Henrietta Kosoko is her stepmother. She was the former president of the Association of Theatre Arts.
  • Her biological mother is not known, but she died in 1993.
  • When it comes to Bidemi siblings, there is Sola Kosoko, who is an actress and also a star.
  • Both sisters graduated from Lagos State University. Theatre Arts was their course.

Bidemi Kosoko Style.

You’ll know she’s a fashionista if you follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Bidemi Kosoko, fashion, and Fashion are Bidemi.

Apart from the fact that Bidemi movies have a long history in Nigeria, another topic that is very popular about the talented Actress is “Bidemi’s style.”

Even giving an interview to an online media house in Nigeria, where her style was the main topic.

According to her, fashion comes naturally to her. She says she has no mentors and has never aspired to be anything in the world of dressing.

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Bidemi Kosoko Age.

You’d think she is mature for someone so gifted in her movies. However, it is the opposite. Bidemi Kosoko was conceived on October 21, 1988.

In October 2022, the star actress will turn 34 years old.

Bidemi Kosoko Family.

The talented family that raised the young Actress is a strong one in the acting industry. Prince Jide Kosoko, a respected veteran actor and his daughter, is her father.

Henrietta Kosoko, her stepmother, was an actress and was president of the Association of Theatre Arts.

Bidemi didn’t have many siblings when it came to siblings. She has a younger sister, Sola Kosoko, an actress, and a brother, Tunji.

Bidemi and Sola, both sisters, were born to the same mother. Unfortunately, she died in 1993.

Bidemi Kosoko’s Stepmother

Star actress claims she doesn’t know much about her biological mom, as she was just five years old when she died.

In a recent interview, she stated that Henrietta Kosoko is her mother. She confessed in one of her interviews that Henrietta Kosoko was her real mother and had been fulfilling the duties of a Real Mom.

According to her words, without Henrietta Kosoko, there wouldn’t be a Bidemi Kosoko car, house, or career.

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Bidemi Koloko Husband Snatching Allegation.

Biography of Bidemi Kosoko: Her Age, Family, and Movies

Bidemi Kosoko, a star actress, was accused of husband snatching in early 2018. This is not a new phenomenon in Nigerian movies. Mercy Johnson and others have been accused of snatching husbands.

According to the Actress, Omotoyosi was involved in an affair with Omotoyosi Racak, the husband of Bose Alao Omotoyosi Omotoyosi, a friend of Bidemi Kosoko.

An anonymous tip, who asked not to be identified, claimed that Bidemi’s affair was with Rasak after she sent messages to Bose Alao.

Bose Alao was a colleague of Bidemi. She even posted a chat with the anonymous person to her Instagram stories, making it all public to the entire world. Despite the allegation that she slept with Bose Alao’s husband, Bidemi Kosoko has denied it.

Is Bidemi Kosoko Married?.

Online news Nigeria interviewed the Actress about her dreams. She said she dreams of having a happy home and raising wonderful children. She stated that her dreams couldn’t be fulfilled without a family.

The Actress spoke to The Nation and revealed that she is currently in an intimate relationship and might not get married as soon as people would expect. The Actress answered the question, “Of course, I have a man in my life,” when asked if she had a man in her relationship.

However, photos have emerged, and we are certain that Bidemi Kosoko has traditionally been married to her husband. We don’t know where or when she will hold her white wedding. It could be in Dubai.

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Bidemi Kosoko Movies.

  • Marriage is a partnership
  • Asiri
  • My Mum & I
  • Wicked Wife
  • Shikemi
  • Alakada Reloaded includes many other items that are too numerous to list here.

Cosmetic Surgery.

The Actress said she doesn’t support Cosmetic Surgery and would never consent. She also stated that she is happy with her body.

Exclusively speaking with NNN, the star actress stated, and I quote below;

I can’t have cosmetic surgery. I don’t want to look perfect all the time, I don’t believe there is anything I want or need to alter about my body to make it fit in. Nothing lasts forever, so I love who I am and cherish my body.

Bidemi Kosoko News.

The Actress is not spared from the news and controversy surrounding public figures.

Bidemi Kosoko spoke exclusively to RazzleDazzle and strongly denied rumors that she had snatched Bose Alan’s husband.

Bidemi has denied ever being in a relationship with a married woman. This is Omotoyosi Raak, the husband of Bose Alan.

The beautiful Actress even went so far as to refute claims that Rasak had given her an apartment.

“I didn’t want to comment on the whole drama of husband snatching. They are extremely untrue, but I thought it was worth clarifying.

It’s important to note that I am not a husband snatcher and have never taken anyone’s husband. I don’t know where these rumors came from, and I’m unwilling to share them with anyone.

Bidemi also denied that Rasak gave her a house. She said, ” No, I didn’t get any apartment from married men, thank you!”

Actress Bose Alao personally accused Bidemi of sleeping with Omotoyosi Raq, which Bose Aloa posted on Instagram.

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