Angela Lansbury: Net worth, Oscar nominations and Relationships and Property

Angela Lansbury: Net worth, Oscar nominations and Relationships and Property

Angela Lansbury, an award-winning actress, entertained audiences for decades on screen and stage, including 12 years as Jessica Fletcher in the 1984 series Murder, She Wrote.

Who Was Angela Lansbury?

Angela Lansbury is well-known for her versatility in acting on screen, TV, and stage. She was nominated for the Academy Award for her first movie, Gaslight (1944). While continuing her film work in the ’60s and ’70s, she also appeared in TV projects. She made her debut in 1984 as Jessica Fletcher on the hit series Murder She Wrote. This Role would last for a decade. Lansbury also received several Tony Awards for her contributions to projects such as Mame and Gypsy. Early Life

Angela Brigid Lansbury, a Londoner, was born October 16, 1925, in Poplar. Moyna MacGill from Belfast, her mother, was also a stage actress who worked with John Gielgud, Basil Rathbone, and other contemporaries. Edward Lansbury was her father and was a noted politician. His father, George, was also the founder of the Labour Party in his country.

Lansbury lost her father when she was nine years old. This would have a profound impact on her entire life. She lived briefly in Ireland as a pre-teen, where she and her sister attended an acting school. Lansbury, her mother, and two younger brothers fled Germany during the London Blitz. They immigrated to America in 1940 and settled in New York.

What were Angela Lansbury’s net worth and salary?

Angela Lansbury, a British-American singer, and Actress, had over $70 million net worth when she died in October 2022. Angela Lansbury, a filmmaker whose career spanned back to the “Golden Age” of Hollywood, was a living testament to the rich history of filmmaking. She was the oldest current Academy Award nominee at the time of her passing. Lansbury’s entire career spanned over eight decades.

Depending on your age, Angela Lansbury can evoke images of a young woman singing, an older woman solving mysteries, or an elderly woman who is good at dark comedy. Angela Lansbury has been an actor for over 70 years. The nearly 90-year-old booked her first job as an actor when she was seventeen years old and hasn’t stopped since. She was able to show her awards and resume. Her films include “National Velvet,” State of the Union,” The Court Jester,” The Reluctant Debutante,” The Manchurian Candidate,” Death on the Nile,” The Company of Wolves, and “Nanny McPhee.” She also starred in television shows such as “Studio 57″, Murder She Wrote,” and “Touched by an Angel,” as well as “As Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” She has also starred in many Broadway and West End productions. These include the original production of Mame, the 1973 revival of Gypsy, the award-winning 1979 revivals of “The King and I,” and “Sweeney Todd” on Broadway.

Angela moved to America after surviving World War 2 in London. She soon found work as an actor. After several film roles, Angela moved to the United States and concentrated on acting on the stage during the next period. She is also well known for her television roles, including “Murder, She Wrote.” Lansbury still appears in films, including “Mary Poppins Returns” (2018).

Angela Lansbury has won many awards and honors throughout her career. These include an Honorary Oscar, five Tony Awards, six Golden Globes, and an Olivier Award. On three occasions, she was nominated for the Academy Award. Despite being nominated 18 times, Angela has never received an Emmy Award. Three biographies about Angela’s life have been published.

Early Life

Angela Brigid Lansbury, a Londoner, was born October 16, 1925, in Regent’s Park. Angela was raised in an upper-middle-class family. Her father, a wood veneering business owner, became a politician. Moyna MacGill was her mother, an Irish actress who starred in many films and West End theatre productions. Lansbury lost her father to stomach cancer at the age of nine. She “escaped” into acting and began playing different characters to cope. Lansbury acknowledged that her father’s passing still deeply affected her even into the 2010s.

Angela became obsessed with movies during this time and began learning how to play the piano. After graduating from West London’s acting school, Angela began to appear in her first plays. Angela’s mother, who was a war widow, decided to move her children from London during World War 2. The family moved to the United States. They first settled in Montreal, Canada, then continued to New York City. Lansbury continued her acting training in New York by studying at the Feagin School of Drama and Radio. She appeared again in stage productions. Lansbury graduated from drama school in 1942.

Angela Lansbury: Net worth, Oscar nominations and Relationships and Property
Young Angela Lansbury

Early Career

Lansbury began acting alongside her mother at age 16. She earned $60 per week singing at nightclubs and singing songs. To pursue a career in film, she eventually moved with her mother to Los Angeles. Angela worked in a department store and could support her entire family with her $28 per week wage.

1950s Success

Lansbury was able to make a breakthrough when she met John van Druten (a British playwright who had just written “Gaslight” ‘s script). In the film, Angela, who was 17 years old, was cast as Ingrid Bergman’s cockney maid. She earned $500 per week on set. Critics also praised Lansbury, who was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Lansbury signed a contract with MGM and appeared in many more films over the years. These included “National Velvet,” “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” and 11 more films she appeared in until her contract was terminated in 1952. Many observers felt that Lansbury’s career was harmed by her MGM contract. She was constantly miscast in poor films. Lansbury continued her theatre career and appeared on radio shows over the next few years.

Angela, who was in her 20s, ended her MGM contract and was cast as an older woman in many films. With films like “The Long Hot Summer” (with Angela) and “The Reluctant Deviante,” she returned to fame. Lansbury was cast as a villain in “The Manchurian Candidate” after she had played a variety of roles in theatre and film. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for this Role.

The 1960s – 1970s

She was first recognized as the title character in “Mame” in the 1960s. This musical became a classic among gay communities. Her most notable achievement in the 70s was her Role as Gypsy in “Mame.” Lansbury was still a major stage star towards the end of the 70s. She appeared in “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” Angela continued to be booked for various roles in film throughout the 1980s.

The 1990s to the Present

Her most beloved Role was in the 1991 Disney animated film “Beauty and the Beast.” The iconic Angela Potts version became famous.

Lansbury returned to the theatre in the late 1990s. However, she continued to appear in various television series. During this time, film roles included “Nanny McPhee,” Mr. Popper’s Penguins,” as well as “Mary Poppins returns.”

According to reports, Lansbury will return to Broadway with “The Importance Of Being Earnest” in 2019.

Oscar Nominations

Lansbury was awarded a scholarship to the Lucy Fagan drama school in New York City. Lansbury’s mother offered her a job in Canada and told her to move to Los Angeles. Lansbury worked in a department shop before landing her first film role. Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer and appeared together in 1944’s Gaslight. Lansbury, who played Nancy the housemaid, was able to hold her own against well-known stars and received an Academy Award nomination as Actress in a Supporting Role.

The next year, she was again nominated and won a Golden Globe. She played Sibyl Vane, a dance hall lady in The Picture of Dorian Gray. This story followed the story of a man who makes an unnatural pact to stay young at great cost. Lansbury also landed major roles in her early career. She played Elizabeth Taylor’s older brother in National Velvet (1944) and was opposite Judy Garland (1946). Lansbury was often cast in supporting roles and would be well-known for playing characters much older than she was.

Lansbury made more films over the next decade, including The Manchurian Candidate (1963), for which she received a third Academy Award nomination as a supporting actress. Other film appearances in the 1960s were Blue Hawaii (1961) with Elvis Presley, Moll Flanders (65), and the biblical The Greatest Story Ever Told with Charlton Heston. After her appearance in Mister Budding (1966), she was the countess opposite Michael York and later, in the animated Disney movie musical Bedknobs & Broomsticks (1971), where she played the Role of Miss Price.

Murder, She Wrote

Lansbury was a multi-talented actress who alternated between television, film, and the stage over the years. She found Success on the small screen in the mid-1980s. In 1984, she began playing the Role of Jessica Fletcher, a detective in the TV series Murder, She Wrote. Lansbury was the kind, diplomatic and intelligent Fletcher. She received Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress In a Drama Series between 1985 and 1996. Later, she took over production duties.

Lansbury was seen in several television movies after the show ended. These included some Murder She Wrote specials and feature films. She has also appeared on TV as a guest star. In 2005, she made a memorable appearance on Law & Order Special Victims Unit. This earned her an Emmy Award nomination as Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series. She also voiced animated characters in films such as Beauty and the Beast (1991), where she voiced Mrs. Potts and sang the title tracks “Beauty and the Beast” and the “Be Our Guest” with Jerry Orbach, and Anastastasia (1997).

Lansbury was awarded an honorary Academy Award in 2014 for her achievements in cinematography.

Mary Poppins Returns

Lansbury was the “Balloon Lady” in the 2018 movie Mary Poppins returns. Although rumors have it that Lansbury was also in 1964’s Mary Poppins movie, she wasn’t in the original film.


Angela Lansbury married Richard Cromwell at age 19. Cromwell, 35 years old, married Angela in 1945. However, he divorced her in 1946. Lansbury discovered later that Richard was gay.

Peter Shaw was her second husband, an actor. They were married in 1949. The couple had two children during their 54-year-long marriage. Shaw died in 2003.

Family Issues

Angela realized that her children were addicted to drugs when they were teenagers in the 1960s. While Angela and Peter began marijuana, they soon started using heroin and cocaine. Lansbury even admitted to her daughter Deidre that she was connected with Charles Manson’s followers. Angela moved her entire family to County Cork, Ireland, to ensure she was clear with her children. Both of her children were able to get clean in the end. Lansbury later claimed that her drug problems were her fault. She said she was too focused on her entertainment career and not enough on her family.


Angela Lansbury amassed an impressive real estate portfolio during her life. An apartment she owned in New York City, one block from Central Park, was her first purchase. It cost $2 million. She also owned a large residence in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Personal life

Lansbury married Richard Cromwell, a fellow actor when she was just 19 years old. After their marriage, he left and it was revealed later that he was gay. In 1949, she married Peter Shaw, a British actor. He would later become her manager and start a production company that would be heavily involved in Murder She Wrote. They married for over 50 years and had two children, Deirdre and Anthony.

Lansbury went into depression after Shaw’s 2003 death. Due to her theatre work and Emma Thompson, Lansbury played the evil Aunt Adelaide in 2005’s Nanny McPhee.

Related Questions

Yes Lansbury, died on October 11, 2022. She died at the age of 96.

How old is Angela Lansbury and how much is she worth?

Angela Lansbury, died on October 11, 2022. She died at the age of 96, she would have been 97 by October 16. The British American Actress had over $70 million net worth when she died.

How much did Angela Lansbury make per episode?

She was paid $300,000 per episode in which she played multiple characters for almost eight decades.

She lived in Brentwood. it is a city in Contra Costa County, California, United States. it has a population of 51,481 as of 2010. Brentwood is located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Yes, she was married to Peter Shaw from 1949-2003 and Richard Comwell from 1945-1946.

What are the names of Angela Lansbury’s children?


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