12 Things You Don’t Know About Wizkid’s Biography

12 Things You Don’t Know About Wizkid’s Biography

WIzkid is one of the greatest Artist in Nigeria. Today i will be telling you 12 things you never Knew about his Biography. I hope you find this interesting.

1. At the age of 11, he began singing.

Wizkid was not a child in the music business, even though it took him a while to break into the limelight. At the tender age of 11, he began singing in local churches. Wizkid was able to sing at such a young age.

He was also a songwriter surrounded by prominent musicians for a long time before he reached the limelight.

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2. He was a member of the Gospel Singing Group “Glorious Five.”

Their albums may not have been a big hit. Still, Wizkid was part of a gospel group called “Glorious five,” They released an album before eventually being parted after Wizkid chose to pursue a solo career as a pop musician. Wizkid was a member of the group along with four other church members.

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3. Wizkid is a father

Many of his fans suggested that he change his name from ‘Wizdad’ since he is not a child anymore but a father to Boluwatife Balogun. His baby mama Oluwanishola Ogudugu gave birth to Boluwatife in October 2010.

Wizkid denied publicly having a son for a long time. However, he finally admitted to it in October 2013, after he posted warm birthday wishes for his son’s 3 birthday.

4. He used to be known as Lil’ Prince.

If you’ve ever heard the name Lil’Prince used to refer to Wizkid, don’t be surprised because Wizkid was once called Lil’Prince during his gospel singing days.

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5. Wizkid is a Controversial Artist

One Nigerian artist is constantly in the news for bad and good reasons. Wizkid is always involved in a crazy fight or beef story.

6. He is 32 years of age (2022).

Wizkid was 32 years old when he was born in 1990.

7. Starboy Record Label belongs to him.

Wizkid ended his relationship with EME Music, his ex-record label. He started Starboy Records and has several artists signed to the label.

8. Wizkid’s Voice Is Unique

His unique voice has undoubtedly made him successful in the music business. Wizkid’s voice.

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9. He has international Recognision with his friends from around the world.

Wizkid is known to be friends with many well-known musicians like Drake and Chris Brown. They have performed a few songs together, including ojuelegba. They were also photographed together many times, hanging out.

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10. Wizkid has worked with many great artists

The surulere-born artist has been associated with many Record Labels. However, he decided to focus exclusively on music and dropped out of Lagos State University (LASU).

I have had the pleasure of working with many great artists, including Naeto C and OJB Jezreel. Ikechukwu was also a part of the recording process for the Superstar album in 2009.

11. His parents had different religions

Most often, a child’s religion is determined by his/her parents. This is similar to the choice made by this artist.

Starboy’s parents are of different religions. His mother is a full-time Christian, and his father is a Muslim. Wizkid was raised in a liberal environment.

In 2012, the superstar revealed to Tim Westwood that his father believed in religion and had three wives.

12. He is One of the Richest Nigerian Artists

This Nigerian super-talented singer was humble, which led him to become an assistant to Banky W. Wizkid, co-author of “Omoge You Too Many,” Banky W’s smash hit song. Since then, they have been more than just friends.

The first official song that he sang made him a star, and it also went viral. The official hit song video by his ex-boss, Banky W, shows him flirting with his pretty schoolmate.

Wizkid ranked 5th on the Forbes 10 Richest Nigeria Celebrities 2013 list. He was also the first Nigerian musician to have more than 1,000,000 followers on Twitter.

Itunes, Spinlet and YouTube monetization helped him earn about 13 million dollars.

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